Remove light stain

  1. How can I remove blackish coloring on the handle of my speedy 30? I only held it for a minute on my forearm while wearing a black sweater that seems to have stained it. It looks like it left a bit of a dark shadow? The leather hasn't turned honey yet, it's still the very light color. I'm scared that it will look like a water mark if I try to clean it! Thanks
  2. Do a search on baby wipes .....they might work and the thread will have all the details. Mr. Clean magic eraser might work too.:smile:
  3. I use Magic Rub eraser. It hasn't been drying on my light vachetta and imo not risky at all.
  4. Thanks, I tried the eraser and it kinda made a mark, like it peeled off a piece. I'll try the baby wipes next.
  5. you need something to moisture it
  6. i'd say go w/baby wipe first, but do follow up with leather conditioner for the naked vachetta. good luck!
  7. I clean mine with baby wipes all the time and they never leave a water stain.
  8. It did? Yikes! It's never happened to me. It's usually a piece of the eraser that peels off. Is that what you mean?
  9. uh try baby wipes..
  10. Thanks, It was a bit of eraser that was left on the handle. The baby wipes worked great!!!!! Thanks so much!