Removal of sun spots/freckles? Laser or cream?

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  1. I've been going outside a lot and always wear sunscreen as I'm half German and my skin is sensitive. However today I have two sun freckles that are dark brown, tiny but stand up :sad:

    Should I try retinol or hydroquinone? Has anyone done lasers, I can afford them its depressing. Thanks x :sad:
  2. Thanks, I'll look for something like that. Is that the same as what skin clinics use? :smile:

    Did you use retinol or retin-A by the way? Hydroquinone is hard to find here (I live in the EU) but luckily I can get it from my doctor
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    No, clinics use stronger lasers, but a few sessions of this one is pretty close. It really works and my face is bright faced after using it. I have only used my device a few times and it was enough to make a difference on the few brown spots I get on my cheeks. When summer is over I will be using it again. I use retinol but not every day and not in summer. I have seen a big improvement with hydroquinone 4%. I typically will use that a few weeks straight and then stop for several month. I also use Vitamin C in the day and follow up with a really rich moisturizer like La Mer.
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  4. Have you tried a Vitamin C serum? It's really effective in fading dark spots. Look for a Vitamin C, E + Ferulic Acid formulation. A Niacinamide serum like Shark Sauce should work well, too.
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  5. Yes! Merle Norman Vitamin C serum and Retinol at night. It works!
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  6. For general skincare, I'd definitely add vitamin c serum to your regimen as it's beneficial for anti-aging. However it won't remove sun spots and freckles as it's not that strong.

    You may want to ask your doc for a prescription for tri-luma, it contains tretinoin, hydroquinone, and a steroid. The effect of hydroquinone is enhanced when it's paired with tretinoin as it can penetrate deeper. I believe the steroid is there to reduce the irriation that tretinoin can cause.

    Your quickest option is getting them lasered off at a doc's office. Lasers work best on very light skin though so if you have some color, you need to check with your doc what your best option would be.
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  7. I went in to get my sun spots lasered but the nurse suggested the freezing method as it's cheaper and more effective because some of my spots weren't too dark and she feared the laser wouldn't pick them up. So far I'm happy with the results!
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  8. Thanks ladies :smile: They went away, but I still have a slight one thats old I might remove.
  9. Vitamin C Serum works wonder for your skin! However after doing a lot of reading on it, it is known to be highly unstable so I make my own one. I read it off Makeup Alley boards for reviews and that the majority of women there said that it was really effective:

    I have also found that most women there have gotten their 'recipes' off this thread off Reddit and I have subsequently followed the instructions there:

    Oh and also not only is homemade vitamin C serum is effective and also stable - it is also dirt cheap. Read up on it, and also do tons of research on it before you take the plunge. If you layer your serums, put this one on first. There will be a slight tingle and sting but that is normal. Also slowly build up the percentage of the L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Jumping straight to the max (at 20%) will more than likely burn your skin off.

    Hope this helps!
  10. If you can afford it, try lasers.

    If not, vitamin c is a good option as it has many benefits for your skin.
  11. I've had laser done multiple times (6 and counting) and the freckles will come back, sunscreen or no sunscreen! Just an FYI :smile:
  12. A colleague of mine did laser and the result is awesome! She had her spots in dark patches during pregnancy. The last I saw her I thought she was using bb or concealer but no she isn't using any except sunblock! Go for laser I would say..
  13. I've tried SKII whitening spots it's really reduce my sun frekels, and also don't forget to use some sunscreen with SPF 30/50 . Laser it's totally work and very instant, but it's pricey and if you have sensitive skin it's will make your skin red on a few days.