Removal of Ponytail Scarf tags/labels?

  1. I did a quick search and could not find info on my concern:confused1: .
    I just purchased a Legacy ponytail scarf and absolutely love it!!!!!:heart: My question is whether or not to take off the coach tag/label in order to wear the C side as a head band. Has anyone taken off the label or do some of you gals just wear it with the tag/label exposed? It looks sorta odd with the label on the top of my head, if worn as a head band. I just hate tampering with my Coach gems.
    Oh, and I'm now a full blown converted Coach addict who sold her Dior bags and other bags to get more Coach!
  2. Yay on your addiction!

    I have this same dilemma. I HATE removing tags from my Ponytail scarves -- heck, from any of my scarves-- but in the headband case it pretty much has to be done. I always whimper when I have to cut off the tag. The SA's at my boutique never have anyqualms about snipping off the tags for customers who want to wear the scarf out of the store but I just refuse to do that. :wtf:
  3. Yes, I cut the tag off my ponytail scarf and yes, it hurt while doing it but I recovered quickly and I love my tagless scarf. :smile:
  4. I had wondered the same thing! I still have the tag on mine, and was afraid to cut it off. :sweatdrop:
  5. I am not a big fan of "Coach, made in China" sticking out on my head... So, I cut it off as soon as I took it home with me. BTW, all Coach scarves used to be made in Japan and the material felt a little more delicate before.
  6. Yes I remove them, they are irritating.

  7. Marilee I've been meaning to tell you your new BFF Ali is GORGEOUS.
  8. I haven't cut the label off my ponytail scarf for the same reason....don't like the thought of "tampering" with my Coach stuff. I probably should cut it though...mwisner is probably right about recovering quickly!
  9. I was thinking this same thing! I hate to think of cutting those darn things off - but it does make sense.

    NOW... of you ladies who will snip that tag... who will keep it!? LOL

    Since I suffer from saving everythig (yes, tags too), I WILL - I think I will add them to my purse scrapbook.

    Jeez there really is something wrong with me. :wondering
  10. No there's not. I save mine too. :biggrin:
  11. good thing i read this thread. i've never bought a scarf from coach, but am thinking of getting a legacy stripe ponytail scarf. i'll cut the tags off . . . i think.
  12. I always take my tags off my scarves. A seam ripper does the trick nicely without hurting it.
  13. Cut it cut it!!! Really - that made in china tag is not worth keeping!!!!
  14. I concur! It would be one thing if the tag was at one end of the scarf (I'd probably leave it one then) but it is dead center! Can't really hide that with hair.
  15. lol... well I must have the same thing wrong with me, I saved the tag and put it in the gift box with the receipt. :smile:

    Thanks Razerbackbelle, I am still loving my Ali, I just wish it would soften up a bit faster, it's still a little stiff.