removal of acrylic nails

  1. i need to remove my acrylic nails! i no longer want them but ive heard that if you get it done at the nail salon, its the same as doing it yourself. how do you remove them? HELP! thanks. :yes:
  2. soak them in acetone and after they soak for a few minutes, you'll notice they'll soften and you can start VERY GENTLY prying them up w/ an orange stick.
  3. ^^^What she said. They will start to look they're melting and you'll know it's time to start pushing them off.
  4. if i were you i'd leave it to the professionals. it only costs like 20 bucks, and they put a protective polish on afterwards, so your nails are paper thin and painful!
  5. id also leave it the professionals.. unless you love pain!!

    it needs to be pure acetone... and also ur nails underneath will be gross looking.. its best to get it done at the salon coz that way u can get a manicure at the same time..
    you will probably need to wear colour on ur nails for a while until they go back to their normal condition.
  6. This is what you need to do:
    Go to Walgreens and buy Kiss All or One Artificial Nail Remover. Soak your nails, periodically check them. After a while the artificial nail will fall off. Then carefully file away the left over acrylic.

    Buy some Nailtiques Formula 2 and paint 1 coat on your nails everyday. On the 7th day remove the polish and start over.

    Hope this helps.
  7. I got them removed at the salon once and NEVER AGAIN. I had tears in my eyes because it hurt so badly. I was sure the woman would pull off my real fingernail with the fake one!

    Do you see the edges lifting? If so, you can gently insert tweezers or a similiar object under the nail and do it yourself. You'll be much more gentle and effective than the nail people, if most manicurists were like mine.
  8. i've had them removed from a manicurist before and it was pain-free i suggest going to a professional
  9. So I am digging this thread up again.

    I just had mine removed at my salon (had them on since February). She sent me home with Nailtiques Formula B (protein) to put on every day for 10 days.

    So here is my problem. I haven't stopped crying since my appointment today. Half sad because I loved them (and it was the "one thing I did for myself) and half sad because they are so short, thin but most of all, so freaking painful. This sucks. It makes me regret ever getting them in the first place, but whatever, that was my own fault.

    So I am just wondering, how long before my nails get their strength and durability back, and how long before the pain stops? I am terrified to wake up tomorrow morning...I fear that is when this is going to be the most painful...

    Thank you to everyone for your help in advance...
  10. I'm not sure on the discomfort, but it shouldn't be more than a day or two(after that call the doctor). It will take at least 6 months to grow out, as the nail needs to grow out entirely (anything you see now is "damaged"). Keep polish (I like OPI Nail Envy) on always, and wear gloves to do dishes or chores. Be extra careful using any chemicals, as the skin and nails are fragile now. One thing that will make nails (and hair) grow faster is L-Cysteine, an amino acid (buy TwinLabs brand). Good luck!
  11. Sunnyfreckles, also try taking a couple of tylenol to get rid of the pain if it's too bad, it always works for me.
    I just removed my nails last week after having gotten regular fills since November. I'll do them again later on but I needed a break. Anyway, your nails will definitely be strong again, for some reason, whenever I take them off, my nails seem to be stronger than they were before I had them done and they grow faster. But wait a couple days before you put any polish on them, then put on a clear topcoat (since the surfaces of your nails will be rough). I did that to mine and they actually don't look bad.
  12. I would go to a professional. If they hurt, that should tell you not to do them again. Another reason not to get fake nails.
  13. I've had them remove them at the salon by prying them off, not soaking. I have had them soak them off too so I guess it just depends on who does it.
  14. Buy acetone nail polish remover.
    Place your nails into the acetone, then wipe hands dry and gently try to remove nail.
    Repeat until nails are off.
  15. No please DON'T pull them off!!! Even after soaking in Acetone! I'm a Nail Technician!

    You can soak them in Acetone if you like but you need to FILE THEM OFF very gently because you don't want to file your nails.

    If you choose to soak them - Soak them for a few minutes, then file over the tops (not the length but across the nail), you will see that they crumble and bits come off, when they are not easily coming off anymore soak them again and keep doing that until they get thinner and thinner. When they are very thin, slow the filing right down otherwise you will burn your nail - you should be able to feel when the acrylicsa re off and you have started filing your own nails.

    When they are all off I suggest that you use something like Nailtiques to get your nails back to strength and vola - you should have lovely nails again.

    If you attempt to pull these off then you will also pull off the top layer of your own nails!!!