removable strap in Damier?

  1. I don't think so... that strap looks like it fits the Wapity. I have a Damier Macao clutch that has a similar looking strap in the brown leather (not Damier print), but the strap is thicker (wider) and a bit longer than the Wapity strap. But try calling LV to see if they do offer the Damier strap.
  2. Thanks a lot!!

    Because I know they do sell the removable strap individually for mono print.

    Which is the picture I posted and it costs £41 in LV UK website.

    I don't know if they sell it individually for Damier print as well???

  3. This one is "for" Damier, I believe.

    Dragonne Leather Strap

    It seems like the same one for Okapi.
  4. thanks :tup::tup: