remount small diamond or get bigger or CZs?

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  1. I have some small diamond stud earrings. Don't know carat weight but jeweler measured size and estimates they are a little less than 1/4 carat each. I was thinking of remounting them in 3-prong platinum. Local jeweler says they are nice and sparkly and not too small but I'm a bit hesitant about putting money into them since they are a bit small and I have a lot of hair. I've always been more of a gold hoop girl. What started this whole thing is that I had my ears repierced and I'm having trouble getting them healed completely. Dr. advised platinum. Now I'm wanting half carats instead of the ones I have. But not sure I want to spend $2-3,000 on them. I could get CZs but then I'll feel like I'm wearing fakes. And getting them set in platinum would probably be a waste. there is one store I know of that sells Russian CZs set in 18k. Help! I do have the $ for the diamonds but I guess the question is how big a priority is it? Is it worth that $ to me. Another option I'd consider that most of you would probably think tacky would be a lower quality diamond or a treated one that has a good cut. What about that for earrings?
  2. How about moissanite earings?? It is more sparkle and more fire than diamond but it costs only$500/1 ct..
  3. Who sells those?
  4. If you get them mounted in a bezel setting, they will look considerably larger. Go to the Tiffany's site and look at their Diamonds-By-The-Yard jewelry. This will give you an idea. They can also be set in a halo, which will give you a lot of bling for the buck. Whiteflash has these types of settings, so you might want to take a look over there, too. Moissanite has a high reflective index, higher than than diamonds, which is a way that people know that they are not--in fact--diamonds.
  5. I'd get the ones you have set into the platinum. Even if you eventually get larger studs, there will some days that you just want that discreet flash of jewelry.
  6. First of all, is it a fact that platinum setting will help heal your ears...I havent heard that one before. It would be a shame to spend money on a perfectly good pair of earrings for no scientific reason.

    I would be loath to spend money re setting such tiny diamonds. I think you should start from scratch with your earrings. I am not against cz as they can look very authentic imo.
  7. I'd set them in platimun:yes: But I've never heard that it'll help heal?
  8. I would reset them also, or upgrade if you can. Some jewelers will upgrade you and give you credit for your old ones toward your new pair.
  9. Just google it, honey. I'm planning to buy some too.
  10. I was wearing 14k wg in newly pierced ears and developed a gold allergy--just in my ears. I changed to a combo made by HOF that uses palladium and 18k wg. My ears have been fine since making the change. If I hadn't found the HOF, I would have gotten platinum, as less people have platinum allergies.
  11. If you want them to look bigger, you will need to look for other settings other than the 3-4 prong coz these settings are better for big stones. Try something with smaller diamonds around it but if that's too much bling for you them a donut-like setting or something that will encircle the stone will be great....

    Or you can ask the jeweller if he can accept your old stones and give credit for an upgrade.
  12. Bezel is a good option.

    Nothing wrong with czs if they are good quality... not many people are going to put their faces up to your ears to inspect them. I have a pair of 3ct czs and they are set in quality 14K wg. My hair is usually left down, but when I scoop it behind my ear, it's nice to show a flash of bling.