Remodeling Question

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  1. We are in the early stages of kitchen remodeling & it is time to order cabinets.

    I am 99% sure that I want to order Dura Supreme semi-custom cabinets, but not 100%.

    The 1% that is bothering me is that I cannot help but think that if we are going to spend the equivalent of a small car (or a dozen bags) on kitchen cabinets, maybe we should go all the way custom.

    Anyone have any input on Dura Supreme semi-custom versus custom?
  2. I'm not familiar w/ that specific brand.
    We have built a lot of homes and have always hired cabinet makers to make us custom cabinets.
    We once split a 2 acre lot w/ our best friends and we used custom cabinets and they bought some they loved that were pre-fab {similar to your's I'm guessing} becasue they loved the finish.
    The problem was that they wasted a lot of precious space because they weren't custom/made to fit. There were spacers used and other things to get them to fit properly.

    Does this make sense?
  3. ^^Yes, that does help. I really love these cabinets, but if we cannot get the most efficient use out of our space, then we will have to spend a couple of dollars more and go full custom.

    Luckily, my SO & I have similar enough tastes and priorities that he is not freaking out TOO badly about the cost of this "little" project.

    And we found an AWESOME kitchen designer to help us lay everything out.
  4. Nice information. Actually I am also planning to do kitchen remodelling.
  5. We just did a remodel and decided to paint our cabinets rather than replace them. But what I found in general with the remodel is you might be surprised if you shop local people. You may find a local cabinet maker who will cost the same or less than your semi-custom cabinets.