Remodeling Again (Still?)!

  1. Or, how I spent my vacation.
    Sunday, did nothing thought about finding all the painting stuff I put away. What color did I buy anyway?
    Monday morning, went to Lowe's and bought my medicine cabinet, bath cabinet and vanity. Put new stuff in sewing room. Cleared out the towels, toiletries and other supplies and put it on my cutting table and work bench...great, now I have no room to sew anything! Washed the walls and thoroughly cleaned the bathroom in preparation for painting.
    Monday afternoon found the paint and rollers, realized I had no finishing brushes or tape! Back to Lowe's, more money spent. While I was there bought new towel racks, rings, a paper holder and fancy soap dispenser and toothbrush holder.
    Monday night did the major painting...1st coat.
    Tuesday afternoon, finished painting the walls, they are "Blue Dusk" by the way, and started on the trim. That is "Soft Amythest". Yesterday's headache from painting came back with a vengenance.
    Wednesday Afternoon SO helped me put my cabinets up on the wall. Much cursing, but it was done in a relatively short time. Sweetie hates me now. Vanity is next, but after I lay down the new tiles.
    Wednesday night, on hands and knees scraping tiles off the :cursing: floor. Nasty glue underneath looks like pine tar and smells much worse! I hate the world. Started putting the new ones down after floor is prepped. Got to the part where I had to cut them in around the toilet and decided to stop there. I was already tired, sore and crying (past the point of cursing). Stupid tiles would not line up easily and stuck to everything but the (expletive) floor! Got a headache from exposure to the noxious smelling glue.
    Thursday morning, had some coffee and toast. Attacked the floor with a vengeance. Cut the tiles in around the toilet and it was not so bad, very tight and I really do not like linoleum tiles. Wood and ceramic are easier. I'm a better painter and wall paper hanger and I like it better too. Forgot to mention, went to Lowe's before hand to get better knee pads and a sharper linoleum knife. I dulled the other one prying up the old tiles. That's okay Sweetie can use it for prying up the tiles in his bathroom (no, we do not share the bathroom).
    Put in the new vanity (no cursing only plumbing) and cut in the tiles around it. Painted the wall next to the vanity and finished the trim color. Done!
    I no longer hate the world and am now ready to redo the kitchen...Oh boy! Oh, I'm out of vacation. I only have Friday, Saturday and Sunday left and I'm going to finish my capris.