Reminisce...your very first trip to Hermes

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  1. Razor's thread got me thinking about my very first maiden voyage to Hermes. I came out with a scarf that day, vowing to go back in a few years to get a bag. I will never forget the feeling I had the moment I entered the store that day.

    So do any of you remember your VERY FIRST trip into an Hermes boutique? What was it like? Was it a fond memory?
  2. I think it was about six years ago or so. Walked out with the bracelet that started my love affair with Hermes. I remember seeing a Birkin on the shelves (it was black togo w/ gold hw!) and whispering to DH about what it was and how it must be for display only because that bag has a waiting list a mile long. :lol:
  3. Black togo Birkin on the shelf!!:nuts::nuts:
  4. Back then I was too in awe to even ask to try it on! :roflmfao:
  5. me too! 6 years ago I would have been nervous even looking at the bag showcase, much less asking to try on an Hermes bag (any bag!)
  6. It must be 10 years ago.
    I was going to have my first job interview, and I wanted a little something to warm my boring Black suit.
    I came back with a Plissé "Dans les bois"...and, btw, I got the job ;)
  7. About 4 years ago I walked into the one at AlaMoana Shopping center in Honolulu. I walked out 30 seconds later, completely overwhelmed. 2 years later I walked into another and bought a Kelly. It's been downhill ever since :graucho:
  8. lol

    I think most people really are overwhelmed when they first enter an Hermes boutique. There is something rather intimidating about it I suppose.
  9. Good, I don't feel so alone :shame:. I was completely intimidated. That's a characteristic that doesn't come easily to me :P
  10. About four years ago, I went on a business trip to Singapore. For anyone who's not been there, it's the ultimate shopping paradise.

    I went into an Hermes store there and was greeted by a lovely SA. She must have shown me at least 20 different scarves and spent the next 40 minutes teaching me various ways to tie the my purchase (plisse). I was so impressed.

    I haven't met any Hermes SA in the States who has impressed me this much.
  11. Oh this is awkward, but it was last year and I was in the airport in Copenhagen. I had done some shopping and I still had a lot of money left, so I went in and ended up getting a cashmere (?) scarf which I'm actually wearing as I'm typing this (its COLD here!! :sad:). I have to admit that it may not have been as special as it could've been, but the service was nice and I love that scarf more than anything (I've already decided that the same scarf in black will be the first thing I'll buy when I get a job)
  12. My first H exerperience was when I was 19. I was spending the summer bckpacking in europe with a bunch of friends, my mother said she wanted four H scarves in different colors. I walked in (I'm ashamed to say) with my pack and bought the four scarves. When the SA went to put the boxes in a bag I said no I would throw them in my pack. ( I had to catch a train) She was so horrified she offered I think three times to give me a bag! Heavens knows what she thought I would do with them!! I just remember her look when I walked out of the store...:shame:
  13. My first Hermes visit took place in May. I left work early one Friday, and had plans to meet a friend for drinks and an early dinner. She called to let me know she was running late. I decided to go to Worth Avenue and walk around, since the weather was gorgeous. I walked past Hermes - at first I was a bit intimidated to go in. But then I turned around, walked over to the store, took a deep breath and went in. That's when I met my wonderful SA. I went back the next week and purchased a couple of small items. It's been an affair with orange ever since :love:
  14. i must be the only person who doesn't remember :wtf: it was probably when i was 14 or so and had the energy to go into EVERY SINGLE shop on the whole of bond st just to window shop (being 14 i didn't have any money to be buying things in hermès :lol: ). the first time i purchased was in 2004 at the airport in geneva though, it was my beloved bal de bulles scarf. that wasn't my first, but the first i ever bought. i "borrowed" my mother's sextants scarf in 2003 and.. i still have it :whistle:
  15. I Couldn't Tell You Exactly When, But, I Was Very Young With My Mother & Grandmother....I Just Remember Vibrant Scarves Everywhere ~ It Got Me Dreaming About Our Upcoming Vacation & Flying Kites On The Beach (I'm Guessing It Was Summer?!);)