1. Help take a bite out of internet crime, and watermark your photos! It is so important that we remember to watermark all the photos, especially in the Reference threads.

    If you use Adobe, here is a great thread which gives you step-by-step instructions:!

    Here is another way, courtesy by Fayden!!!

  2. Thanks jag, for this - you're a star!:tup::heart:

    P.S - If anybody sees this picture anywhere, the bag (and cooker:biggrin:) belongs to me (it's now watermarked)
    But i've learned my lesson..:shame:

    Stay vigilant everyone - if you see pictures being stolen, report it on 'A Place For The Fakes' or 'Beware the Fakes on eBay' and report to eBay.:yes:
    paddy w.jpg
  3. Lots of traffic here and lots of pics to see...

    Please also make sure that any pics do NOT show personal info like DL or student #s.
  4. ^Good point.

    I also think it's essential that any watermarking is done over the most prominent areas, so for example, on the paddington, put watermarking across the padlock.

    Many people will just cut out the bits they want from pictures, so you need to cover as much of the picture as possible.:tup:
    Unsightly, i know, but oh-so necessary:heart: