Reminder: Tighten your screws!!

  1. The screws on mine just go round too, but I haven't had any problems with them. You could keep an eye on them though, especially if you carry by the handle a lot.
  2. Thanks E.
  3. Thanks Ellie.
  4. That's what mine do as well.
  5. I just wanted to pop in and say that while the screw issue is certainly annoying, it's not the end of the world if you lose one. I picked up YET ANOTHER PS1 at the Nordstrom Last Chance yesterday and it was missing a screw from the top handle. One quick trip to Ace Hardware and I found a virtually identical replacement for $1.20. The brass is not as aged as those on the bag, but it's hardly noticeable. Plus, one of the cuties who worked there put the part in for me without even being asked. Aww!
  6. Nevermind the missing screw - another PS1 find at Last Chance?!

    I've never spied anything nicer than a nylon Marc Jacobs at Last Chance. I want to shop where you're shopping!!
  7. Ha! It's Last Chance, the end-of-the-line stop for returns and damaged stuff. I think there is only one... Thank God I live 10 minutes from it! There were two medium black PS1s yesterday, one with gunmetal and one with black hardware. I already have a black large so can't really justify a medium. I could not resist the one I got! It's a large too but not sure what the color is called. It's a medium olive/army green, lighter than the pictures of Military I've seen online. Love the leather, so thick and chewy.
  8. I lost a screw today on my beautiful PS1 pouch, and the strap came apart. I'm very unhappy and will likely return the bag (fortunately I bought it at Nordstroms), or maybe exchange it for a Nano.