Reminder: Tighten your screws!!

  1. Hi guys, yesterday I opened my bag and noticed one of the screws that holds the top handle on was missing from the underside..... so the handle was coming away from the bag. I thought it was lost, and then was so lucky to find it in one of the pockets. I didn't realise they were actual screws, I thought they were just stuck together. So I put that one back together and then got a screwdriver and tightened all of the screws, also the ones that hold the shoulder strap on, so everything is nice and secure now.

    So I thought I would write a reminder - everyone should take a few minutes and tighten the screws. I was really lucky that I found it, but could have easily lost it and that would have been a huge pain in the butt.....
  2. Thanks for the reminder. I think there are still some room for PS to improve their hardware design and quality.
  3. Yes, thank you for giving us a heads up! I had both screws come off the hardware of my Mulberry Bayswater bag and you are right. It IS a pain! Don't want that to happen to my beloved PS1!

  4. You're right it's not great, but at least they are screws so they can be put back together easily... If you don't lose it, that is!
  5. Anybody got same problem like me?
    Some of the screws are really tight, making it unscrewable.(alll screws around the the handle of my ps1 so I think I'd be safe to use the handle.
    But the screw on the side of the bag are so loose and it scared me to use it, since one's already gone. However, I started to ignore it and wear it crossbody quite often, it's still fine for now :biggrin:
  6. My issue is I can't tighten my screws. I'm not sure how y'all are able to, ha!! When I put a screw driver into one of my screws and turn it, the other side of the screw (the flat side without the rivet) just moves with the side I'm turning. Almost like the two parts are glued together at some point....does that make sense to anyone??
  7. I've had the same experience. It probably means they are already tight. But, you could try to hold the backside in place with something tacky while you turn the screw side.
  8. exactly, i tried to tighten but the stud part just rotates. is there a thread on proper procedures?
  9. Exactly, mine rotates together, I think I used the wrong word above, it's not loose. Just it can't be more tightened.
  10. do you have to use a proper screwdriver? or can a small coin, like a penny, work?
  11. Does everyone experience this problem with their PS1s? Sorry, I'm a PS newbie.
  12. Nope, it's never happened to me. I do check periodically, though, after this warning was posted.

  13. Thank goodness for TPF! I will also check periodically when my PS1 comes in. Thanks for your help!
  14. After using mine for only 2 weeks, one of the screws that holds a corner of the main compartment together came out. I appreciate the DIY advice but I am really irked! A $2,000 bag should not have these issues! If this is a widespread problem then I am very concerned about the overall quality of these bags.
  15. I have just received my new large PS1 but am already getting a bit paranoid about the screws falling out having read the various posts on here. Most of the screws seem to be quite tight but others just go round and round when I try to tighten them. Am I asking for trouble or would it be best to return it now?!