REMINDER....NE PF Meeting Sat.22nd!!!

  1. Hi all,

    Just a reminder that our New England PF meeting is next saturday!!!

    We are meeting at 10:00am in Copley Place in the vicinity of Louis Vuitton!!!!

    We will be lunching at Cheesecake Factory around 12/12:30, I have been assured by them they can accomodate us!

    Anyone, who has any trouble please PM me and I will give you my cell number in case you can't make it or you will get in later than 10.

    Also, if you see this and you want to attend....PLEASE pm me, the more the merrier!!!

    Everyone is really excited to meet!!!!

    See you Saturday fellow PF'ers!!!!!
  2. Also-- a side note to anyone who lives in RI, I will be taking the "T" to boston, so pm me if you want to meet up or "T pool"!!!!!
  3. darn! I'll be missing this by a week. :girlsigh:
  4. How does your list look so far??? Sounds like a blast!!!

  5. Well, we have about 12 ladies coming. One pm'd me today that she can't make it :crybaby: . I haven't heard cancelations from anyone else so I think all the rest are coming!!!! We'll take lots of pics!!!!
  6. Thanks to Traci for arranging - looking forward to it!
  7. Y'all have fun!
  8. Darn I would love to go, but I have a play date for my Boston Terrier that day....:crybaby:
  9. ^^ I have a Boston Terrier too- can he come?:lol:

    I will try to make it!!! Sounds like fun!!!
  10. :crybaby: I am so bummed I can't go! We'll be out of town.....

    Have a great time everyone!
  11. Hey gals - this is tomorrow! Make sure you take photos and share!:yes:
  12. Have fun!!!

    :party: :party:
  13. Thanks ladies!!! I'm sorry to all of you who couldn't make it, but we will definately schedule another one for the fall!!!

    There are about 10 of us going so it should be great!!!!
  14. I'm so mad I have to work! Have fun gals! Maybe we'll see a few new purchases while at Copley
  15. I want to hear how it goes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let us know once you get back :yahoo: