Reminder for the Europeans: Daylight Savings Time Starts This Weekend on March 30

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  1. Ladies, don't forget that the clocks go forward in Europe this weekend :smile:

    Daylight savings time begins on March 30 and ends on October 26.

    We lose one hour sleep, bummer! I so need my beauty sleep LOL! :sleepy:
  2. You're right Nathalie! I am not happy about the -1 hour of sleep too! :sleepy:
  3. 1 hours sleep is sooooo worth losing compared to those lovely light evenings we are going to be enjoying :biggrin:
  4. You're right, hun. Now, if we can also have more sunlight coming our way, then it will be perfect.

    Over the last couple of weeks nothing but snow and rain over here. I'm sick of it, I tell ya :girlsigh:
  5. Im feeling your pain all the way honey :biggrin: It can only get better -right??!!!
  6. I hope so!!!
  7. Don't talk me about rain and cold!!!!! It's so cold here, yes, here in Italy!!! Today rained almost all day and temperatures are so down that I am still wearing my Woolrich parka and it seems like spring never comes :sad:
  8. :crybaby:byebye sleep i will miss you
  9. It's the opposite for us in Australia. Bye bye sunlight, hello darkness!
  10. I know, we'll be heading for winter:crybaby:
  11. How awful, Alice! We had a lot of snow over here last weekend, at Easter! It was so darn cold, yikes!
  12. Aussie girls the prospect of winter thrills me to bits!!! Bring it on!!! Plus the feeling of a sleep in Monday morning is too good to be true...
  13. :ty: I work with a lot of folks in the UK, so this is really good to know!
  14. Oi vey, thanks for the reminder!
  15. Just hope that now it will be lighter, we will get some dry, warmer weather - I am SO fed up with the rain!!