REMINDER - DC PF meeting next Sunday, July 16th -TEMPORARY STICKY

  1. Hi there!

    To all those who have RSVPd....

    The first DC PF meeting is next Sunday, July 16th at the Clyde's Restaurant in Chevy Chase, MD. I made a reservation for us at 1:45pm just to give people some time to find it.

    Here are some directions, according to their site...
    5441 Wisconsin Avenue, Chevy Chase, MD 20815
    Phone (301) 951-9600

    From DC: Go North on Wisconsin Avenue. Cross Western Avenue, pass the Friendship Heights Metro Station and make a right into the Chevy Chase Center parking lot.

    From VA: Take Interstate 495 (Capital Beltway) over the American Legion Bridge. Take the River Road exit (Route 190) East toward the District of Columbia. Continue on River Road approximately 4 miles until the Willard Avenue traffic light. Take a left on Willard Avenue and follow it around a bend to the second traffic light (Wisconsin Avenue). Take a left onto Wisconsin Avenue and make and immediate right into the Chevy Chase Center.

    From MD: (Oddly enough, there are no directions from MD on their site, so this is my best estimation...hehe). Take the Beltway and exit at the Wisconsin Avenue exit (Route 355 I believe) towards Bethesda. Follow Wisconsin Avenue for maybe 4 or 5 miles (through downtown Bethesda). You'll eventually see a free standing Saks and drive past it...the next shopping center will be where Clyde's is.

    METRO: Take Western Avenue exit of the Metro tunnel. At the top of the escalator, take the tunnel to Western Avenue/Military Road. Take escalator and cross Wisconsin Circle. Clyde's is located on the other side of Sun Trust Bank.

    I still haven't decided what I am wearing, but once I do, I'll post pics (how geeky) so some of you can recognize me.

    Can't wait :yahoo: :wlae: :yahoo: :wlae: :nuts: !!
  2. Great directions. Is the reservation under your name?
  3. Aww i used to go to that Clydes when I was at school out there.
    Hope the you DC girls have fun!!
    Take pics to share!
  4. I'm from the Midwest... but there's a city named Chevy Chase? That's kinda cute...

    I hope you all have fun at the meeting!!!!!! :o)
  5. im so there!!!! i have an event for allen iverson that wkend so ill be soooo spent but i AM GOING!!!!! what the reservation name under???
  6. 1:45?! Yikes, its a little later than I thought. I might have to leave early or show up later, I'll let you know later. :sad:
  7. Oh no!

    That was the only reservation time I could get....I hope you make it! Even just for a little bit!
  8. Well I'll be there. It might take me a second to find it, but I'll try to leave early enough for that. :yes:
  9. Just to let you guys know....

    I am going to be using my Balenciaga Black First, wearing white shorts, and a black sleeveless top on Sunday. Oh, and my black MJ Mouse shoes....can't miss me. Hehe.
  10. I'm thinking about wearing my chanel cambon flats, but don't quote me on that. I'm still not sure.
  11. I am still deciding what to wear, but will probably be using my chanel re-issue.
  12. We'll be the most stylish table yet!

    Can't wait!!!!

    See you tomorrow ladies!!!

    :yahoo: :wlae: :nuts: :yahoo:
  13. Do post pics! I couldn't go this weekend cause BF is in Ohio but I'm still waiting for the day I bump into someone from here in Montgomery Mall or in Chevy Chase. LOL.
  14. Please have fun and post pics!!!!!!!!!!! :love:
  15. Definitely post pics!!!!