Reminder, BE Sample Sale this Sunday!

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  1. Hi all my fellow BE fans! Just wanted to remind everyone that I received a letter today from Jackie saying she would be having a big sale this Sunday. It's handbags that either didn't make it to production and/or have been in/out of the press. Some are older models and yet others might be from her newer line.

    I think the prices will be a huge discount because although she mentions all are in great shape, some, might be a little worn. Jackie reports we won't even believe the savings.

    I think the sale goes public on Monday, but for our PF, we will have access on Sunday morning.

    Some of the colors, we've never seen. Should be fun anyway to check it out.

    As for me, I just ordered a Petrol SM, so, I think I"m good for a long time with my collection. (after I buy a Angel Purse , of course).

    I hope you ladies enjoy the Sale. Please post details next week if you have receive a good find!
  2. excuse my ignorance but what is BE?
  3. Oh sorry, Belen Echandia. You can look at her line on I can't talk highly enough about the quality of her handbags!
  4. wow i am IN LOVE with teh purple love me bag...too bad it's sold out!
  5. Is there a special link that will be posted?
  6. You have great taste! I have the Love Me, in black crash. It's incredible.

    I asked Jackie if there would be a special link for us, but, she told me to just go on her website and everything will be right there.

    I"m hoping that everyone on the forum does great, but, I just bought two BE handbags this month. So, I don't think I"ll be buying unless of course I see an Angel Purse.

    At least I can hear about everyone's good deals on Monday or what am I thinking here, on Sunday night!
  7. i don't get paid until the 21st :sad:. but i will still buy the love me bag!
  8. If it's not in the sale, let Jackie know, and she will try to locate or make one for you if she can. She's amazing!
  9. Oops, sorry, double post!
  10. wow that's awesome of her!
  11. For some reason, ladies, I don't think there will be pix posted. I could be wrong. I think she will announce the sale on the website...and then you have to email her with your desires to see what the availability is.
  12. This sounds like what will happen in the January sale. I believe for the December sample sale there will be specific items available for purchase on the website. There has been some confusion about the difference between these two sales but there is some helpful info. posted in the BE sample sale thread in the deals & steals section.