remembering to take the pill

  1. So i just switched from depro to Yaz- an I already forgot to take the pill on my first day!!! Im so used to the conviency of just forgetting about it- i dont know how im ever going to remember!

    How do you gals remember to take your pill everyday?
  2. DH would remind me to take the pill. However, sometimes he wouldnt check the pill container and ask me in my sleep if I took the pill when I already had and I would sleep walk and take it again. So Ive given up after doing that several times and just stick to condoms.
  3. I had set up an alert on my cell phone and it would just go off at the same time everyday. Then after a while you will get used to it.
  4. I think the NuvaRing is a nice choice when you forget to take pills. That's what I use and you only have to remember once a month!
  5. Put them with your toothbrush, it will soon become a habit in the morning to take your pill and brush your teeth.
  6. ^^^ I keep mine with my contacts, toothbrush, makeup, etc., so I see it on the bathroom counter every morning. After a while it becomes a habit.
  7. :tup: I did this, too. I've been on the pill for 10 years, and now it's second nature. But when I started taking it, I would set an alarm every night for 9 p.m. and take it as soon as it went off. Eventually I just became used to it. Now I keep the case by my nightstand and take it when I set my alarm for the morning.
  8. Cell phone alarm as well :yes:

    I also carry my backup pack in my makeup bag at all times, so when I reach for my hand lotion (which is a million times a day!) I'm always reminded of it. Just in case my alarm doesn't go off.
  9. Another vote for the cell phone alarm- I started taking them in college and it was SO hard for me to find ONE time that I was always home! So I finally started keeping them in my bag and setting the cell alarm. No matter where I am, I remember now.
  10. Good idea for the cell phone alarm...I forgot to take mine last night!!! I loved NuvaRing as well.
  11. For some reason I only forgot to take my pill once...I always remembered to take it, but when I missed it I knew something was wrong. I was getting hot flashes and feeling sick..I had to rush home and take it.
  12. I used to do the cell phone alarm too but Id always turn off the alarm if I was in the middle of something and then forget to take it. Now i keep it right next to my bed on the nightstand so that I see it every night before I go to bed and remember to take it and that has been really good for me.
  13. cell phone alarm :smile:
  14. This is exactly what I do and have been doing for like 4 years. It ensures that I take my pill at almost the exact-same time every day, which is better for its effectiveness too.
  15. I have mine lying out right with the vitamins I take in the a.m. so they all go down in a few gulps of water, LOL.