Remember Yoanna House from ANTM.....

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  1. I can only say that blonde/red isn't her color....:cursing: :cursing:
  2. She doesn't look *awful* butI much prefer the pic on the left. With the gingery thing going on she kinda reminds of me of firecrotch Lindsay Lohan...
  3. That doesn't even look like her!
  4. The dark short hair is so much prettier on her!!
  5. Nope....she needs her darker hair back. I guess she's just trying something new though.... Nothing wrong with that I guess........
  6. I think I like her best with darker hair too, although not short hair...but maybe this blonde wouldn't look so bad without those baaaadddd bangs....they are not her!!!
  7. Actually, you know what?? She looks like Lindsay Lohan with bangs in the second pic!:s
  8. She looks like she's the victim on unruly hair extensions.
  9. I think she looks awful washed out and tired. She had a stunning look before this. I hope she's happy with it.

    Thanks for posting.
  10. She's stunning with the dark hair. The light hair does nothing for her....
  11. ^ I thought she WAS LiLo for a second...then realised we were talking about Yoanna..LOL
  12. She's stunning with the dark hair!
  13. i liked her with dark, short hair - i thought the cut they chose for her on ANTM was perfect. she has beautiful bone structure and a wonderful, pale complexion, and the dark short hair really brought your attention to it. the gingery hair just makes her look like a LiLo wannabe.
  14. Noooo, I liked her dark hair so much better!
  15. Not feeling the new hair. I pegged her as the winner from the very first episode of her season. She has THE BEST face for commercial print. Gorgeous girl. And I ALWAYS love an underdog so her history of weight loss made me root for her even more so.