Remember when...

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  1. I didn't see a thread for this, and I hope my explanation of this thread doesn't get too garbled...

    What do you think you will tell future generations that were popular/only your generation would have experienced/know about it when you advance into your senior years? I realize that people come here from all walks of life, so the answers will vary (and that's partially what I want to see!)

    E.g., some things that are probably being said today might be:
    - Remember the edsel?
    - Remember the gramophone?

    Some things I might say would be:
    - Remember when people had no idea what you meant by "photocopy" -- the term was "xerox"?
    - Remember the HD DVD?
    - Remember the "wardrobe malfunction"?

    What are your "remember whens"?
  2. Remember when Pluto was a planet? :alien:
  3. remember when victoria beckham was a singer and not just a famous athlete's wife
    remember when "olay" was "oil of olay"
    remember when "coke classic" was just "coke"...we didn't always have 50 million coke flavors
  4. This should be a very interesting and fun thread. I have to think about some things I would like to add.......
  5. Ooh, good ones! I never knew olay was called oil of olay!

    I have another one:
    Remember when Michael Jackson was just a singer, nothing more?
  6. When people played with Furbys and Pogs?
  7. Remember they still make it?
  8. #8 Feb 20, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2010
    Remember when Firefox was a Clint Eastwood movie?
    Remember when Quicktime was step for marching?
  9. Remember when a mouse was something your cat hunted?
    Remember when a virus was something you got antibiotics for?
    Remember when surfing was something that required a board?
    Remember when spyware was a suit worn by the likes of James Bond?

    WOW.........NECRO.......... You're dead on! :nuts:
  11. remember when music used to come in the form of tapes?
    remember when jelly shoes used to be the thing everyone had to have?
  12. remember the days before the internet and cell phones?
  13. ^^ Heck, I remember the days before colour television.
  14. Remember when you had to GET UP and walk to the television to change the channel?
    Remember when you only had 4 or 5 channels?
    Remember when you had your own toy record player?
    Remember the Esprit tote bag craze? Or the Coca-Cola shirt fad? Or Tretorns?
  15. LOL, me too!