Remember when?????

  1. I was talking w/ some friends this week and we were having a discussion about certain bags going through their "HOT" phase.....when I was in my early-mid 20's the prada balck nylon bags were all the rage!!! Of course they were also faked to death could not walk downtown in Chicago without seeing those black nylon bags everywhere!!! LV speedys were hot in my high school w/ the wealthier crowd. They have stood the test of time. I also remember a brand called "MCM"?...does anyone remember this? I'm so glad we have MANY choices now!! Anyone else remember any "HOT" bags?

  2. Liz Claiborne w/ the little triangles logo.
  3. anyone remember "enny" bags?!
  4. I remember wearing Hippie bags with 6" fringe along with a suede fringed jacket and squaw boots.

    Oh geesh, I feel old. *s
    fringed jacket.jpg fringedbag.jpg
  5. Yep, I remember MCM. I just recently saw a girl in the mall with one. Also, a member JoJo_LVlover I think? Has MCM.
  6. Hot for my days was POLO bags & uhh...yeah. LOL.
  7. I remember MCM. To this day I regret not getting one of those bags. I've seen them on eBay recently. I remember when Dooney & Bourke were first "hot." They had the duck on them. I still have one from back then. D&B bags look totally different now.
  8. I remeber MCM!!! I also remember seeing MCM store in Nassau and BEGGING my dad to get me a make up case!!! (FYI: I was 16 at the time and he said NO! LOL!!!) I also remember Jennifer Flavin (Mrs. Sylvester Stallone) used to be in their ad campaign.
  9. Yes! LOL That was my first "expensive" bag. I paid $55 for it in 1989 and thought I was HOT stuff!
  10. OMG! Do you guys remember those stupid metal things we used to wear on our ears, around the cartilige part....I think they were called ear cuffs or something like that. What were we thinking?
  11. ^LOL... ear cuffs. Sad to say, I never had those.

    There was a thread a while ago where we talked about old school brands too. There were some good memories resurrected there! How 'bout ESPIRIT?
  12. Me too! Well, I got mine in '95 back in high school and used my birthday money to buy it. It was dark blue. I still have it way in the back of the closet I think too. :p
  13. In Italy in early 90's Mandarina Duck was a you know that brand? It's still a very well known brand, with durable material, but in those years LV or Gucci or Prada couldn't beat Mandarina. I lusted after it but my parents wouldn't buy me anything because it was too expensive, so I got a wallet from a friend of mine as a present. After 13 years I'm thinking to sell it on eBay now.
  14. Oh yes...can't forget was one of my furst bags....Liz too. I never knew what happened to the MCM Mom had one, but where it went I have no idea. Funny!!

  15. In high school I had burgundy leather Aigner riding boots and a burgundy Aigner bag to match. Brings back a lot of good memories, lol.