Remember when we bought our house?

    And I had said we were having trouble because of the DOJ? Well here is what it was all about:
    Doctors, Internet pharmacy operators indicted in diet-pill cases

    Los Angeles Business from bizjournals - August 3, 2006
    by Jeff Blumenthal
    Philadelphia business JournalFederal prosecutors have indicted a Philadelphia physician for allegedly trafficking diet pills in a scheme that generated $8.75 million, and in an unrelated case, five others, including two L.A. area internet pharmacy operators, were charged regarding an Internet pharmacy that generated more than $33 million.

    Two operators of Rx Medical One, Michael Bezonsky, 44, of Calabasas and Thomas Beaulieu, 53, of Santa Monica were charged, as well as an Internet pharmacy called Universal Pharmacy Solutions of Huntingdon Valley, Pa. Also charged were Dr. Ranvir Ahlawat, 42, of Toms River, N.J.; Dr. Steven Klinman, 57, of Elkins Park, Pa.; and Alexander Atchidiev, 30, of Huntingdon Valley.
    In the Philadelphia indictment, Dr. Albert Kofsky, 73, of Huntingdon Valley, Pa., was charged with trafficking "massive" amounts of diet pills, including phentermine, from a Northeast Philadelphia office. Kofsky, an osteopath, is alleged to have made more than $8.7 million from illegal sales. During a five-year period beginning in August 2001, prosecutors said, Kofsky acquired 2.5 million diet pills from pharmaceutical wholesalers for potential distribution.
    Prosecutors said in order to conceal his illegal activity, Kofsky tried to make it appear to regulators and suppliers he was dispensing pills as part of a legitimate medical practice. He hired his former cleaning lady to help with sales. He called her a nurse and his customers patients. He had employees write down names, weights and blood pressures of customers on index cards that posed as patient records, the indictment said.
    "This was a drug trafficking operation masquerading as a legitimate medical practice," U.S. Attorney Patrick Meehan said. According to the U.S. Attorney's Office, Kofsky structured weekly cash deposits so they did not exceed $10,000 to evade currency reporting requirements imposed on banks.
    In the other case, Meehan said, a federal grand jury returned an 85-count indictment charging five people with illegal distribution of controlled substances, mainly weight loss drugs, over the Internet. The indictment alleges that no doctor ever saw or examined customers before an order was approved. Rx Medical One, a California-based Internet company, received more than $33.6 million in gross proceeds from the sales.
    "This was high-tech drug dealing," Meehan said. "If you exclude meeting the dealer on a corner, the only difference... was that the customers were asked to fill out a questionnaire."

    Scary huh! The FBI had been secretly taping and videoing the house and broke down the door at 430 in the morning. The whole family including two little girls were ushered out at gunpoint :wtf:. I told the hubby I want the locks changed. Although he has a 193 years to serve lol! Just goes to show what happens in gated communities LOL!
  2. Oh my gosh!! How crazy is that!
  3. Well, we knew there was something fishy going on there...I hope you can wipe the bad karma out of your new home.
  4. Definitely have the locks to that gorgeous house changed, if possible, have the house blessed and with that, your family union and new healthy, happy karma all will I posted in your original thread, I sold some of these troubled homes in Miami in the 80's, they are happy, loved, homes now and the bad karma is nonexistent......good luck with your fab home!
  5. LOL, it originated in Philadelphia, why am I not surprised? Oh my city, always with the crime.

    Glad everything's settled with the DOJ & your house! Enjoy your beautiful home!
  6. :wacko: :wtf:

    Sending good karma your way!!!
  7. scary
  8. :yes: Gone! It always is when you do right in your life;)
  9. Thanks ladies! Thanks Megs! LoL jilly! I wonder why that is??!!