remember when i said there was a girl here at work

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  1. with a fake mono speedy 30? and it had the plastic bead and canvas swatch hanging off her bag? well she hasn't carried it all this week. I walked by her a few times with my lv bag, she looked at my purse a few times, she sits across the room from me. I wonder if she figured she had a fake bag.
  2. Kudos to her for not carrying it anymore:smile: . At least that shows she has some morals about her.
  3. yeah i dunno. She has a cute purse now sitting on her desk that has fur on it lol. I wouldn't carry it but its a cute bag.
  4. latinamodel u rockkk LOL :roflmfao: good job for letting her give up her bag
  5. Maybe compliment her on the cute bag that's not a knockoff. . . maybe she'll end up asking your advice and you can help her find a cute authentic pre-loved bag!
  6. she probably gave it to someone!
  7. fakes are soo sad
  8. lol i wont lie. I had a fake bag before i got a real one. I only carried it twice then threw it in the closet. I gave it to my friend and she would tell everyone it was a 2,000 dollar bag. I would roll my eyes and was like "why are you saying that? you're gonna feel stupid when someone calls you on it." It was a horrible fake lol
  9. Fakes just don't last, they aren't made to. They're cheaply made, even the good fakes. Maybe you should talk to your co-worker and tell her that you noticed that she had a fake bag, and educate her in the process. I'm sure she'll thank you for that, if you tell her you been there, and look where you're at now.
  10. That's a great idea!
  11. Excellent advice.

  12. :yes: :yes: