Remember When I Asked You All For Your Opinion

  1. on this dress? Well, I was going to wear it to my BF friend's wedding this Saturday. Last Friday was the bachelor party and my BF said that there were "exotic dancers" there (all of whom my BF said were quite skanky). Well, the groom to be had sex with one of these "dancers". Well, the brother of the wife to be was also present at the bachelor party and told his sister of her fiance's sexual escapade. The wedding is off.

    I swear, sometimes men can be so f:censor: g dumb and insensitive. This girl has been looking forward to her wedding day, and he completely f:censor: ed everything up. Being drunk is not an excuse!
  2. Oh wow! How awful for the poor bride.
  3. UGH! This is precisely why bachelor parties should not happen! Most men have NO self control!
    How hurtful and humiliating for her!
  4. That's horrible:shocked: .

    I just wonder why none of the other guys stopped him:hrmm:
  5. HOT DOG!! At least she found out what kind of man he really is BEFORE the wedding!
  6. That's horrible!!!!
    Men can be so dumb sometimes!!:mad:
  7. gosh, so sorry to hear....
  8. By the way, I received the dress today (I had it overnighted) and it is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!! Too bad the wedding is off...
  9. :blink: WOW!
  10. Precisely!!! My BF said he got there after the incident and asked the other guys there the same thing. When he got there, they were all talking about it.
  11. Omg. What a jerk!:rant: . Thankfully she got herself out of that situation. Once a cheater, always a cheater!
  12. This is just awful!!! I do not understand how some men can have such a lack of self-control. It is disgusting.

    I hope the bride is holding up ok considering the cirmcumstances. It sounds like this was an unfortunate blessing in a very ugly disguise. Better to find out her man was a piece of :censor: sooner, rather than later!
  13. That suck!
  14. Yeesh, how stupid of them. That's like watching your friend stumble towards a cliff and not running to pull them away from the edge. Sounds like those guys need a good lesson on common sense.
  15. oh geez!:hrmm: