Remember to REPORT fakes!

  1. Thanks for posting. :smile:
  2. Did vlad ever get the "sticky post" feature working? That is where you can put a post that appears at the top of every page of a thread? I think that the link for reporting should be at the top of every page of the "place for the Fakes" thread. That would help tremendously!! I always have to go find the link or make sure to have it bookmarked.
  3. I have been diligently reporting fakes :cursing: , seems like they hardly ever cancel auctions despite all of our reporting??? It is SO annoying. I will continue to report, hopefully if more people report, they will cancel more auctions for fakes.:smile:
  4. Every once in awhile I will put my "cape" on and go thru eBay and report all the fakes...especially if they are highly priced or currently have bids on them but I am astounded that most of the time nothing happens and the amount of GH fakes out there already! eBay seemed to be cleaned up pretty much for a while but now I bet you could go on there and pick out an easy 10 or more...
  5. The only thing I noticed was that eBay made it a lot harder for people selling authentic high priced designer items. The fake sellers, on the other hand, are still going strong.
  6. I agree. When I want to sell a Bbag, I'm always limited in the # of bags I can sell at one time. Which seems like no big deal, except if you have to edit any of your listings (which I always do), it won't allow you to do so if you have used your maximum amount of listings. A couple of times I was forced to end an auction early because I couldn't edit......... :cursing: