Remember to get your NM or BG price adjustments!

  1. If you bought any sale items from or in the past 10 days and the price has been further reduced since then, you are entitled to a one-time price adjustment. YAY for further savings!!!

  2. Do you think thats the same at the store? I wonder if the sales will go down further on the Neiman Marcus sale tables?
  3. yes it also holds true for the store -- 10 day price adjustment if i remember correctly
  4. how do you do the price adjustment????
  5. ^^^ bring in your receipt to any store or for online purchases, call the cust serv #.
  6. I asked about this at my local NM and the SA looked at me like I'd lost my mind! They won't do price adjustments and anything that is purchased on sale has to be returned within 14 days!
  7. They told me (and there was a sign at the register) that they DO NO price adjust from sale to sale.
  8. ^ Strange. That's not what the policy on their website says!!! I would definitely argue that!!!
  9. Website and store are 2 different entities!
  10. Hmmm...that really sucks then...

    Even if they don't do price adjustments, won't they do a return and buy back?
  11. Nope, I asked that too.
  12. ^ how can they keep you from doing a return & buy back??? i think you got a crappy SA....i would try again with someone else.

    i got an online adjustment earlier this week - saved an extra $200 on a bag i'd just gotten. well worth a few minutes on the phone.
  13. I was told no adjustments from sale to sale in the store. They will not do a return and buy back either. I was told if you return an item, it goes into the stock room and comes back out later ..... when later is, I don't know.
    Anyone else heard this?
  14. Yes, they are being really tough at NM and at Saks also, you can however return and get a refund and rebuy at lower price if there is more than one item of the one you are buying., all said and done, on several occasions sa's that I use often have obliged., but, they are making it difficult for them to adjust any prices.
  15. thanks for this! i just got a price adjustment on my manolos and got 100 bucks credited! it was an online purchase though.