Remember those MJ pencil sharpeners?


Nov 17, 2006
i couldn't help but fall in love with the MJ pencil sharpeners produced last year. i think they're adorable, and their prices are nice as well. i've also noticed that MJ produces some pretty inexpensive stuff.
problem is, i don't have an MJ boutique anywhere near me.
i did see them on this one site.
i noticed that they sell chanel, hermes, and LV. i know for a fact that the only 3rd party site that sells legit LV is eluxury, and i'm pretty sure you can only get hermes and chanel through ebay.
but would anyone produce fakes of something you could only get for $1?
i really don't want to order from this site, so does anyone know where i could get MJ pencil sharpeners/other small items?


Sep 19, 2006
brookyn. ny
those sharpeners are marc by marc jacobs and you could probably call a marc by mj store and ask to do a phone order. i know the store here in nyc has a million of them still.


crazy for chalcedony
Apr 23, 2006
there were quite a few left at the marc by marc store on melrose here in la. i love those sharpeners!
i have the giraffe, pig and pink elephant on my shelf. :smile: