Remember this one??

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  1. OK, remember that Eggplant city from a few days ago? The one with the $2500 Reserve Price?....

    eBay: '04 RARE Eggplant Balenciaga City Bag (item 330062808793 end time Dec-23-06 16:32:46 PST)

    Well, I went ahead and bid and ended up being the high bidder (for $1525)...obviously no where near the crazy reserve for this bag, but maybe the seller will come to her senses and offer me the bag anyway at my high bid price...(fingers crossed...)

    I'm just baffled by why anyone would put such a high reserve on this auction...oh well, cross your fingers for me! :shrugs:
  2. I sent her a message then and told her she'll be lucky if she got $1600 for it. She was pretty confident it would go higher...I hope you get it!
  3. yea, I told her the same thing after she replied to me with the reserve price...we'll see... ;)
  4. I hope she gives you a second chance offer! This happened to me once when I bid but a reserve wasn't met :smile: Yours is still *quite* a reasonable bid!
  5. $2500 is ridiculous! The bag isn't even brand new.

    I'm crossing my fingers for you, and I hope the seller doesnt get too greedy!
  6. Good Luck!!!!!!!! I love that bag!!!!!! I'm just wondering why she figured $2500.00?
  7. Okay ... I'm confused :confused1: :shrugs:

    Why is it that an older bag that was NEVER used (and is also RARE) doesn't even get a *nibble* on eBay ... and yet one that is used and (yes) is somewhat RARE warrants a (IMHO) pretty high bid?!?!?!
  8. This is slightly off topic, but do buyers actually read what the seller says? 3 people basically asked her the same questions. Did she ever actually send out the additional pics?
  9. I am hoping she gives you this bag for your max bid as it is a great one. I think bid or no bids on a bag depends on what people are willing to pay and what color the bag is. Eggplant is a color that quite a few people are looking for so it goes for more. Sometimes I think that a great older bag may not get bids because those that want it either: already have one or don't have the funds to bid on it.
  10. Thanks for your well-wishes everyone! Still no word from this crazy seller...I sent her an email yesterday asking if she'd consider selling it to me at my high bid price which, IMO, is absolutely fair for this bag (especially given the fact that she never sent out add'l pics!)...

    still waiting...(fingers crossed--still)...:shrugs:

  11. I hope you get it larnette!!! keeping my fingers crossed for you!!!!!! :smile:
  12. I think your current bid is already generous for that bag, IMO. Good luck Larnette. I hope this auction turns out well!
  13. I won the seller's khaki twiggy. I'll let you know how it goes (accuracy of description, etc.) when it arrives.
  14. Cool! I still havent' heard back from her on my bid so I'm doubtful that I'll get it at this point...did she have an ungodly reserve for the one you bought?
  15. No, she didn't. She had a minimum bid of $800 and I won it for just under $940. I think that was fair.