Remember the "tweedy" sac rabat?

  1. How much would you ladies be willing to pay for a Tweedy Sac Rabat in like new condition? The tweedy isn't exactly on my wish list but I saw it in a consignment store near my house and it's really growing on me. I didn't dare to ask the store owner about the price because i know she'll tell me that it's very rare and limited and will give me a sky high price for it. So please share your opinions so I can have an idea of how much room is there to bargain and what's a reasonable price to pay. Thanks alot! :smile:

    here's a pic from eBay:
  2. I don't like this bag at all, so I'm not willing to pay anything for it :shame:
    Anybody knows retail for this?
  3. i'd probably just check how much it's going for on eBay and also consider how much im prepared to pay for it. but i woldn't pay more than US$2000 for it. otherwise, you're better-off getting a Suhali LeTalentueux on eBay. for all you know, the seller might not even know much about this particular bag and you might end up taking it home for a song :yes:

  4. I find it cute but unfortunately cant help with price
  5. Oh, I remember the Tweedy .... so pretty. :love:

    I LOVED it but never did love the price (considering how small it was). :shrugs:
  6. Good point!! Thanks. :idea: