Remember the SO Vachette Ellipse ....

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  1. :wtf: :Push: :yucky: Sorry .....Noe:sad:
  2. Just looking at the inside makes me want to gag :yucky: . The leather is so cracked as well :s
  3. MY EYES!!! The inside is gross, poor bag.
  4. thats hoenslty disgusting.. i knwo not everyone looks after the bags properrlly but thats just wrong
  5. sad for the bag..some people are much better with vachette than others...also your climate is a factor....that is why I stay away from bags with total vachette on the is just to easy to muck it up and then have an icckkkkyyy looking bag...I did not get the horizontal lockit for that reason...I was worried that the bag being an everyday tote would get the vachette dirty and worn over time...the bag looks great but, is high maintance and for an everyday bag maintance free is better...
  6. That is one used bag.
  7. bad used bag actually!
  8. It just looks like one big GERM.
  9. I don't even know WHY some one would get a bag SOed in vachetta?!:shrugs: Even when it's new it looks bleh to me.
  10. I don't understand why the seller thinks they will get $299 for it. I wouldn't pay $2.99 - eeewww.
  11. The MINUTE I saw the interior, a lil puke came up!!! YUCK!!! :throwup:
  12. Ew. Looks like someone took a dump on that bag. NASTY!
  13. Poor bag. :o(