Remember the show Popular?!

  1. I'm waiting for my season 1 dvd's to come and I am sooo excited. I need to really get season 2 because that was the end!
  2. I used to love that show! Wasn't it on TGIF or something?
  3. YES! I miss TGIF
  4. I liked that show too! But if I remember correctly, I hated the series finale. It left us hanging!

    I loved the character of Mary Cherry. She was a riot!!

    And this show is when I first fell in love with Christopher Gorham who now comes on Ugly Betty as Henry.
  5. Leslie Bibb guest starred on CSI Miami the other day.
  6. Lol apparently no one remembers it because I had an old Seventeen magazine on eBay with the stars on the cover up for months and NO one wanted it lol.
    I remember that show and actually liked it..I think I was in 8th grade when it was on.
  7. I believe its still on TV, the family chanel!
    I was just watching an episode last week. The shows are really good and for some episodes if you re-watch it -are similar to some new sitcoms.

    Yes, I agree, there was no ending to season 2 which was horrible.
  8. I do, I loved it!
  9. was that her? playing the triplets?

    thought that was her...
  10. Leslie Bibb was also in Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.
  11. Yeah, I remember it, didn't watch all the eps tho.
    I watch the prog that Sara Rue stars in 'Less Than Perfect', thats quite good.

  12. Are you talking about the ABC Family Channel? I checked their website to find out what time it's on so I can watch it. But they don't list it as one of their regular programmed shows. :sad:

    Here's the ABC Family link that shows their regular programs:
  13. I loved popular!!! never saw it when it was on tv just saw it someone had the DVDs but i loved it !!! i want to see the 2nd season (the end) i cant believe there were only 2 seasons DAMN! :
  14. omg! i remember watching popular..back in the day.
  15. I KNEWWW he looked familar! He has that goofy grin still as Henry.