Remember the gold Birkin I had to turn down???? LONG!

  1. I dont know if anyone remembers this, but just before Christmas I posted that I had to turn down a desperately wanted gold birkin. I was really concerned becuase my lovely SA was leaving and I seemed to have slid off the store's radar.

    Well......My "nobody loves me" mood continued over Christmas, when my only pressie from DH was a necklace I had bought myself, and into New Year, which is a bad time for me. Then my youngest got chicken pox and I was up 4-5 times a night as she was so poorly.

    We went on holiday on Jan 5 and my birthday is on Jan 7. I didnt want to take my presents on holiday, but I did take all my birthday cards. On the morning of my birthday I had a glass of champagne in bed and opened my card whilst my girls sang "Happy birthday dear mummy" very cutely!

    A couple of days in the sun had cheered me up no end and I opened the card from my husband to find a picture of a Birkin in, and he had written "all I can do for now" on it. I thought it was his idea of a joke and to be honest I didnt think it was very funny! But he then said, with a smile, after I had called him and told him I had turned down the gold birkin he had realised how important it was to me, how hard life had been lately and hotfooted over to the store and bought it!
  2. Can't wait to see your surprise! I love surprises!:girlsigh:
  3. Ohmigosh Eliselady! How utterly fantastic!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! What a great gift . . . and DH!
    Pictures please when you get it.
  4. This lovely story gives me warm fuzzies all over. :tender: What a wonderful DH you've got there, eliselady. Can't wait to see photos of your latest acquisition. Kudos to you for picking such a thoughtful hubby! :tup:
  5. Yay! You got it!
  6. Congrats and Happy Birthday! LOVE gold... can't wait to see it!
  7. omg E, I didn't know it was your bday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! and it sounds like your wonderful DH is such a thoughtful guy. so show us your gold girl!
  8. I can remember your story eliselady. You were very sad.:crybaby:
    Well not anymore :yahoo::party::yahoo:
    Soo glad you had a wonderful Birthday, and cant wait to see pics!!!
  9. Aww. Congrats!!! Definitely well deserved!
  10. Wonderful! Congrads!
  11. Happy belated bday! Congrats on your bag. :smile:
  12. That's fantastic, you must be thrilled!
  13. This is exciting!
  14. Thank you everyone! Well DH had left the bag at the store so I could have the full-on H experience of collecting it. So last thursday, after I met Ardneish and Allaboutnice and after a quick trip to the sale, I picked her up and here she is!

    35cm, gold with gold in togo. I love her!
  15. And here she is with the hat, two colour cashmere scarf and leather gloves I got in the sale!