REMEMBER?? THE Firebird Turnlock Bowler I bought..?

  1. There was a thread a while back regarding who bought the FIREBIRD turnlock bowler from the seller with zero feedback.. and I fessed up that it was me. People had warned me about sellers with zero feedback.. well.. I just got it. Here's the link:

    The seller claims that it was just like new!! It is in HORRIBLE condition!! dark "rub" marks all over it. The edges are totally warn in. The bag has NO shape what so ever. I am so sad.... : ( Luckily I did pay with my Amex so if she decides to bolt I won't be up s**t creek. Just needed to vent and let you all know that YOU WERE RIGHT!!!!
  2. I am so sorry to hear that littlerock80!!! That really sucks b/c it is a rare bag these days!! Whatever you decide to do about it, I wish you luck!! :flowers:
  3. yuck! I'm so sorry. That sucks so bad. I hope you get your money back and find one that's in mint condition!
  4. I emailed the seller politely explaining my concerns and telling her that I'd like to send the bag back. I wanted everyone to know about this just in case she relists it (if she lets me return it).. I would resell it if it were in good condition!! but it's not. You live & learn I guess. I let you know if she replies :smile: She seemed like a very nice person when I was dealing with her.. we'll see if she changes her colors now that I want a refund.
  5. My turnlock bowler isn't shapely either....
  6. GUNG: Was your like that new? Or are you saying that your bowler came used also?
  7. ALSO- I dont think mine is Firebird.. the seller never claimed it was but I assumed it was after talking to tpfers. My color is an orangy red.. the Firebird Tery that I had was a blue red.. a really deep blood red so this is definitely not the same red as my teri.

    Not sure what color it is!?
  8. Good luck with your return - sometimes you get lucky w/zero and sometimes not so... I'm sorry yours turned out to be a nasty one..... :yucky: Keep us posted
  9. Does the zipper on your bag say "Marc" on one side and "Jacobs" on the other? If so, it's a Firebird. But regardless, the bowler only came out in Firebird before it was discontinued so it should be the Firebird color.

    Maybe it's because of all the "dirt" you said it has that kind of masks its true color?
  10. I think I saw this bag again on eBay ... yesterday ... I'm not sure!
  11. Ops ... it was a mistake ... I saw a Teri in firebird color!
  12. Oh I'm so sorry! And you sold your other red bag to buy this one! :sad: Good luck with your return; you can always file a SNAD with paypal; it definitely sounds like it would fall under that category.

    Keep us posted on her response. :flowers:
  13. Ohh man, this one scary thing about dealing with eBay, goodluck with your return! Wishing you good luck with your search.
  14. I own a firebird Tina and I believe that bag is actually a firebird, but it's just worn... with wear the color gets a little darker.
  15. Oh no! I'm so sorry this happened to you! Hope you won't have too much of a hassle with the return and getting your money back!