Remember the dilemma? Here's the ring!

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  1. Thanks for helping me with the decision, ladies. Here's the most beautiful thing I own!

    1.07 cts,Very Good cut, VVS2, E colour, customised from a Tacori design by my fabulous jeweller here in Singapore.


    myring1.jpg myring.jpg
  2. That's a beaut! I love it!
  3. Very pretty. Will you have a matching band made to go with it, or will you just wear the one ring for both engagement and wedding?

    Congrats, you can tell you love it! =)
  4. Lovely! I looked at a very similar one when I was getting a new's beautiful!
  5. wow its stunning:biggrin:
  6. Georgous!
  7. You did well! The picture speaks volumes. Do you keep smiling when you look at it?

  8. Your ring is beautiful :love: It was such a great design that you chose.
  9. It's beautiful!
  10. Amazing, gorgeous, beautiful, and what a sparkle! Your jeweller not only did a fabulous job, he's fast. Lucky you. Wear it in the best of health.

  11. Wow, that ring is stunning, I love the mount!
  12. Gorgeous!!
  13. Congratulations! I think you made the right choice - it looks really love on you!
  14. Beautiful!!
  15. Beautiful:tup::okay: