Remember the denim signature stripe tote?

  1. I am considering purchasing this in the future as a summer bag. My concern is denim rub-off! I wear alot of white and light colored t-shirts and am worried about the blue rubbing off on me..
    Has anyone had this problem? TIA!:flowers:
  2. I own this tote and LOVE it! I carry it all summer long with no issues what so ever :smile:
  3. I have the large denim tote and I love it! I have never had a rub off issue!
  4. Thanks girls!! ur the best!
  5. I carried this bag ALL last summer and had NO issues of denim rub off! She's a GREAT bag!!!!!
  6. I own two denim bags and have worn them with light colored clothing. No problems with denim rub off at all!!
  7. I have worn my signature stripe denim shoulderbag quite a bit and with light problems at all with color transfer. It also got rained on (just a little) NO PROBLEMS! This is bag is a work horse!!!!
  8. I love this bag too and have been looking at them on eBay however I am concerned about the dog leash closure, all of my bags have zippers, ahhhh, decisions, decisions.
  9. i've been looking at them on eBay, too. be careful b/c i've seen a few fakes in the last few days. i reported them, so hopefully they will be gone!
  10. it's a beautiful bag
  11. I have this bag, it is beautiful. I love it!
  12. My sister has this bag and she hasn't had a problem.

    It was so difficult to find. We were able to order it from JAX back in early November before there were no more left. Be careful with the ones on eBay!