Remember the burnt hobo LondonBrat was selling...

  1. well here she is....dyed black and looking alot better!
    DSCN5157.JPG DSCN5159.JPG DSCN5160.JPG
  2. I may have missed this.

    what was wrong with it before?
  3. I missed it too, but it sure does look incredible now! wow!
  4. WOW! Looks great!!!!!!!! Did you dye it yourself? How does the leather feel?
  5. burnt? what happened? it looks great though! :smile:
  6. The bag was burnt in a club...
    No I got it dyed professionally - he also took off the small leather tag on the front (that was the most burnt) and replaced the zip.

    The leather is still very soft!
  7. Anyway back to the bag - he has done a great job and I think the bag will be so useful
  8. I never saw the bag before, but it looks GOOD now!
  9. i LOVE it! it looks so punky! How did he dye it? Congrats, he did a great job and I love that the bag has so much history!
  10. He hand dyed it three times! He even did the tassles..
  11. wow missbradshaw - looking awesome!!!
  12. looks great since i never seen it burnt i can't even tell!!

  13. If you look below the studs on the middle pic you can see where it was burnt
  14. Oooo i see that, still looks great... glad it's FIXed though!!!.. :biggrin:
  15. It looks great! Glad everything turned out ok for you and your previously burnt Bbag. :cool: