Remember the Banana Republic Give-away?

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  1. I played daily and "won" a few times free shipping. However, I never wrote down the codes. Does anyone have one? I do not live near a BR and I really want a wallet from the site.

  2. This isn't from the giveaway, but with BRFREE you get free shipping for purchases over $125+.
  3. Do you have a BR credit card?? They then give you free shipping automatically. (they also are constantly sending me $25 reward cards in the mail to use towards any purchase at the Gap, Old navy, and BR) There are no (and I mean NO) big shopping areas in Key west except for a BR ... I always find some kind of cute something in there.
  4. Great! Thank you for the code and the BR cc info!
  5. Only Luxe card members get free shipping anytime/any amount. And I'm pretty sure you have one of those and spend quite a bit because you get those $25 rewards cards only after 500 points (or $500 unless there was double or triple points) with Luxe card only. :biggrin: BTW, you also get free alterations.
  6. I just gave in and got the cc. I was able to order my Tanginer wallet for $63 shipped (10% off and free shipping plus tax). The nearest BR is 85 miles away!!!
  7. One of my guilty inexpensive loves in life are the Pj bottoms from old navy!!! I think that is what got me to the Luxe level....besides my husband LOVING the shorts from BR ( I also love the color of that damn luxe card!!!)