Remember that Magenta with the missing stud...?

  1. Again, I believe this seller has been discussed negatively on the ebay board, but I can't find the thread. And you really ought to look at her negative feedback. But, after all that, it's up to you.
  2. Kate Moss's black first is missing a stud. *LOL*
    I'd wait, personally, and put my money towards a mint bag.
    The stud would drive me crazy.
  3. Also, go to your My Ebay page and make sure the 2nd chance offer is
    real and not from a scammer, I have received several fakes in the last
    few weeks. If the offer isn't in your "My Messages" area on your ebay
    page it is not real. Be careful please.
  4. Thanks Chloe for the heads up! I actually saw the message when I logged into my ebay page. For some reason I receive the e-mail notifications really 2-3 days later? I have no clue why that happens. But sometimes I receive it seconds later! I'm sorry to hear about the fake offers...I really dislike how scammers are using PayPal and eBay now!!!