Remember Pearl Harbor...and a question.

  1. Take a second out of your day to remember the brave people that lost their lives on this day. A lot of horrendous things happened during WWII, and we should take the time to remember. If we don't remember, we are doomed to repeat.

    One exercise I like to do is this: imagine the world I want to live in. What does it look like?

    Paint me a picture of what your utopia looks like.
  2. My grandfather fought in WW2...I send him a card every Veterans Day and our family is still so proud of him. My thoughts go out to the victims and survivors.

    My utopia is war free.
  3. My thoughts are with the vets today. I'm always always thankful.
  4. Both of my grandfathers, who have since passed, fought in WWII. One was a tank destroyer unit commander, and the other was on the USS Intrepid, the only ship that was supposed to be in Pearl Harbor that day but wasn't (Thank God!). I salute past and present veterans today. We're lucky to live in this country, even with all its' problems.

    I agree that my utopia is a lovely, quiet, war-free tropical island somewhere with a kickin' nightlife and LV and Hermes boutiques on every corner. :tup:
  5. Better yet, Sarah, a personal H boutique for each person with all their dream bags in it! And free credit! :tup:
    And if you don't like H (???) then you can have a Chanel boutique, Coach, LV...whatever's your flavor.
  6. So glad you started a thread about this day in history, candace117. My grandfather was in WWII and he passed away about 2 years ago. He received a purple heart, but never would talk about his time in the service. It was just too emotional for him. God bless all those who fought and are fighting now. My utopia is a world free from hate.
  7. We visited the Arizona Memorial in October and met a survivor. He was such an inspiration and a testament to pride and bravery.

    My utopia is a world of love and giving and forgiveness.
  8. I'm glad someone started this thread! December 7th was our parents' or grandparents' September 11th, so to speak.

    On Pearl Harbor Day my Dad was 6months old and my Mom a newborn at 2 weeks. Their earliest memories are from war time...blackout curtains, food rationing...and wondering why they couldn't play with their Dads when they came home from work (they were working graveyard shift in the shipyards).
  9. DH's uncle died on the Arizona on Pearl Harbor day.

  10. :yes: My grandfather is the same way yours was. I bet they're the same - amazing, honorable men to look up to. I know that's how I feel about mine. His silence resounds in me. I feel no shame in sharing my experiences so other people can learn about us, but it always amazes me that one can stay so diligently quiet. I bet I will be like that upon returning from Iraq. I've not gone thus far and my ticket is up.

    I am thankful for veterans such as your grandfather. They're the reason I'm here, doing my part to try and help.