Remember my "secret mission"?

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  1. Hi girls,

    You might remember that a few weeks ago I decided to embark on a secret mission to buy an oak Phoebe for a friend of mine who has basically saved my sanity and my health by helping me arrange to see a top consultant to can sort the problems with my spine.

    I bought the bag and have been waiting for the right time to send it. Well, I saw the consultant on Friday and he's agreed that he can do an operation which will make a massive difference to me and sort out a lot of my pain, which is a huge relief as all this time I've been terrified that he'd turn round and say nothing can be done after all. So, I have had the bag sent to my friend's parents house this morning :biggrin:

    I'm not sure if she's at her parents house over the next few days though....I really hope she is! She's a student so should be home for the holidays but has been working in various places. I really, really hope that she enjoys the bag and doesn't feel awkward or anything - she totally deserves it, she's been amazing support.

    Fingers crossed! :biggrin:

    Toni xx
  2. That's so lovely of you! Hope you hear soon that she's got it!
  3. She'll be so happy with the bag.

    Glad to hear about the operation. It sounds promising :yes:
  4. What a lovely gift! I'm sure she'll be thrilled.
  5. first of all, great news that the operation will be going ahead, what a relief ...

    secondly, i hope she loves her new phoebe - what an amazing present (esp when she will be totally unexpecting it!)
  6. Hi, good news about the operation, all the very very best with it. Keep us posted. And well done with purchasing & sending the bag, I'm sure she'll love it! :tup::tup:
  7. Best of luck for your op! You're so lovely and thoughtful for doing this for her and I'm sure she'll appreciate the gesture!
  8. Best of luck on your op Goldfinch! You are so sweet to buy your friend such a nice gift! Sure it will be appreciated.
  9. Hope your friend loves the bag Goldfinch. I'm sure she'll be thrilled to bits :yahoo:And all the best for your op, you must be very relieved.
  10. So glad you are finally having your operation, hope everything works out fine! And I'm sure your friend will love the Phoebe - that is so sweet of you to surprise her like that :heart:
  11. Good news that you'll have the operation! And it is so sweet of you to get a Phoebe for your friend, what a wonderful gesture.
  12. Glad to hear about the operation and I hope your back gets better now so that you can carry any bag that you want hehe :smile: (I think I remember you saying you find it hard to carry certain mulberry bags for this reason)

    Also, lovely lovely gesture for your friend.. she will be so thrilled and touched! xx
  13. Hi everyone,

    My friend received her bag today!! She's overjoyed with it, so I'm very happy - it was definitely the right thing to do :biggrin:

    Toni xxx
  14. Well done Toni , you must be feeling pretty happy right now . Good luck with your op .
  15. Good luck with your op, Toni - you both are very lucky in your friends!