Remember my PayPal Claim? PayPal sided with the SELLER! RANT!

  1. If some of you may remember, I filed a claim with PP for an item I bought on eBay. It was delivered by UPS, but the idiot driver left the package by my garbage cans off a back driveway I share with 6 other townhomes. (my garbage cans are right next to my neighbors). The package wasn't there.

    But since the seller had proof of delivery they sided with him. The tracking even shows it was left by garbage cans!(It took them 4 weeks to decide my case)

    I was told by the seller that UPS admitted guilt and were sending him a refund and then he was gonna refund me (almost $300 was what I paid).

    The seller emailed me this morning that he got the check from UPS, and he would refund me thru PayPal.

    Then PP decided to side with him. I contacted him and basically he changed his mind and is keeping the entire refund from UPS AND the money I paid for the item!

    He filed the claim for way more than the item originally cost him.

    I am SO furious!:cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing:
  2. I'd pull his contact details off eBay and phone him, people are often very different when you actually speak to them. It's disgusting that he's now not even going to refund you
  3. OMG this is shocking, shocking, shocking!!! Can you take legal action against him & definitely leave feedback that he is a thief!
  4. Thats theft / fraud
    Tell the seller youa re going to the police, notify ups
    and contact your consumer advice

    Really you have every right to go to the police
    how dare that seller take such blatant advantage of you
    also leave the seller a negative warning others
    you could e mail the seller to say you are going to the police to file a case of fraud/theft and are going to leave a negative if they dont refund immediatley
    its also break of contract

    i am so angry they have done that to you
    its wrong , and you must now fight your corner to get justice
  5. I called eBay and they said to let him think about it a day or two and maybe he will do the right thing. He has been awesome throughout the whole ordeal and very nice. He has some old neg feedbacks from a couple of years ago, nothing current. I would gladly leave him neg. He hasnt left me feedback yet though.

    Frustrating. I may be out a couple of hundred bucks, but I can sleep at night. I am very happy it wasnt a bag I bought! YIKES!
  6. The nerve of some people....
  7. Yes this is theft of funds!

    I would threaten to leave him neg feedback and take him to small claims court!

    If he finally reimburses you, I'd still leave the neg feedback!

  8. Yes go to the police, it is a clear case of theft!
  9. I hope you paid with your credit card. If so, you could file a dispute charge against him saying you paid and never received the item. PP would have no say since this charge-back goes directly to his PP account.
  10. Do not start by threatening him as some people are suggesting. If he had any thoughts of refunding your money, threats will piss him off and give him justification to do the wrong thing in the end. Just remain reasonable and nice. Being nice over mean with threats will get you farther in this situation.
  11. how awful, have you tried to contact paypal and forward the emails that he sent you saying that he would refund the money to you that he received from ups, then contact your credit card company and file a chargeback, providing your cc company a copy of the correspondence from the seller. How could paypal side with him if the amount for the item was over $250? He needs to get signature confirmation for him to get paypal to side with him, definently bring that up with paypal, ask to speak to a supervisor. Good lucki
  12. I would FIRST contact the USPS and tell them the story! He is committing fraud, possibly a felony.

    Seond, contact HIS local police dept and tell them too.

    AND do NOT tell him you are doing this!

    What a slimy bastard!

  13. Years ago I returned a $400 item to a seller via UPS but forgot to insure it. It was left at the seller's front door, and of course, it was gone. UPS would only refund me $100 since the package was not insured.

    If UPS refunds him more than that, the package should be insured. Did you pay for insurance? If so, you are entitled to receive the refund from the seller.

    If UPS refunds the seller and he keeps the money, you could ask UPS provides you the proof of refund and file a charge back via your credit card company against the seller. I believe for CC's prespect, you paid for an item, you should receive it. Proof of refund from UPS is just an additon.

    Don't tell the seller you are doing so but keep communicating with him. As long as he gives your money back, you could cancel the dispute any time.
  14. Wow, I can't believe that the seller would be so greedy. I really hope that you paid with your cc so you can do a charge back with your cc company.
  15. Wow.

    You've got a real gem here...
    And a lot of conflicting advice, some really good.

    Keep a cool head, don't threaten, but save those emails! That is all the evidence you need if he doesn't come around and do the right thing. I pray he does, for both your sakes.

    Keep us posted.