Remember me?

  1. Hey all. I was a member, but some stuff came up offline and I was having comp problems. I got a new comp and am ready to be addicted again. :P :yahoo: Also, I need to be in touch with people whom :heart: purses like me. :crybaby: To those who PMed meh and I didn't get back, :idea:. I'm sorry. Lottas love to all.

  2. WELCOME BACK! I was wondering for the loooongest time where you were!!!
  3. :love: Thanks. I feel so happy now.
  4. i was wondering where you were too hope everything's good now :wlae: it's great to have you back!! :yahoo:
  5. welcome back! I remember that avatar!
  6. Welcome back, Purselova!!! I remember that avatar, too!
  7. Thanks all. JC, did you have the meeting? If so :crybaby: for me, but :yahoo: you. Maybe in the Summer we can do one/another one?
  8. Welcome back!
  9. Thanks!
  10. WB! I didnt quit remember your ID (since there are a few members here who have 'purse' on their IDs too), but I do remember that avatar!
  11. welcome back! =)
  12. welcome back!!!
  13. welcome back...i recognized your avatar as soon as i saw it!
  14. Welcome back!
  15. Thanks all. I'm glad I have a "famous" avatar. hehe