Remember me and my bad bad experience..well

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  1. :tup::wtf::wlae::rolleyes::yes::rolleyes:

    Hi you remember me and my whole long drawn out wallet thing? I have been gone for a really long time. I needed a break.

    I just got word from the BANK that after arbitration, VISA decided in my behalf and I have been issued a permanant credit for the price of the Marc wallet.

    This whole thing took from MARCH to NOW SEPTEMBER.
    Now, I think it would have been a lot smarter for the Marc Boutique and Corporate Office to have kept me loyal (still have kept most of my handbags...37 and 5 wallets) or have taken my offer when I offered to split the "missing" wallet with them.

    A lot of my joy of collecting the bags is gone, have trouble even looking at a lot of them and do not like anything new. Who knows...Maybe this will heal.. thing was clear right from the all were just amazing in your support and help...thank you so much for everything you did and said through the long months. :heart:Muz
  2. :yahoo: I'm so happy it worked out for you in the (very) long run!! :yahoo:
  3. I was just thinking about you the other day MuzMars!!

    I am also THRILLED that this has finally been resolved for you in your favor!! I'm just sad that MJ may have lost you as a happy customer - even if it's just temporary. I hope you come back to us now and maybe regain some of that love & joy for MJ!! We've missed you!
  4. Yay! I'm so happy it worked out for you maggie. It's really awful that MJ didn't provide better CS regarding your situation. The way the handled it was very unprofessional IMO. In any case, at least the return is permanent!!

    I hope your apathy toward bags heals over time... good luck with that!
  5. i'm so happy to hear that the situation was decided in your favor! i believed it would considering the charge went through without your authorization AND you have no wallet to show for it!

    i hope your enthusiasm for mj bags return, and you can come back and tell us all about it!
  6. Hi MuzMars-

    I DO remember your story! So very glad to hear that your refund has FINALLY gone through.

    Still its sad to think about the experience you had with the boutique and corporate. You would think the CS would be better on a high end line and also hope that the SA (who has made lots from you over the years) would not throw you under the proverbial bus.....but.

    Anyway I'm glad the money part has worked out for you. Now we just have to bring you back over to the MJ darkside. :borg:
  7. oh, i'm so sorry to hear that MJ Corporate never resolved the situation the way they SHOULD have. :sad:

    but overall, i'm glad you ended up not losing any money over this. i'm glad your bank/card ruled in your favor.

    i'm just sorry this whole horrible experience has left such a bad taste in your mouth. MJ should have known better, considering your past purchase history. sigh.

    hopefully over time, looking at bags won't leave you with such a negative feeling?
  8. I remember your story, MuzMars, and I too am happy that the bank decided in your favor to get your money back. From March till now is a really long time, so I understand how you could have lost love for MJ (they've treated a loyal customer terribly). But I hope it soon returns! (((HUGS)))
  9. I am so glad that Visa decided in your favor, Maggie! I'm sorry that corporate MJ didn't do the right thing in the first place. Hopefully, you'll still be able to enjoy the bags you've got.
  10. Still can't believe that MJ would lose a loyal customer like you over the price of a wallet, but am so glad Visa did the right thing!
  11. Man..have I missed you guys..look at how sweet all of your notes and support are? I've been lending out my bags to all sorts of people...that says where my emotions are over this whole thing. It seems MJ has forgotten who is paying all the bills and pay checks. Oh well....Hmmmm I looked over the spring bags and was a titch disappointed. I used to have an instant love attack for at least a bag or two. "I guess these upcoming seasons are very neutral. I love bright bags. It's funny, the other day I offered a bag to a friend (new tote in midnight) and she pawed the bag and loved the feel of the leather. His bags still have it for most everyone even if many seasons old. me..what is new and interesting...there must be something. maggie :smile:
  12. Fall 07 has some great bags and resort 07 looks to promise some nice new styles. Have you checked out the new fall colors, like lt petrol and bordeaux? I'm surprised you haven't jumped all over one of those new colors!

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  13. ^^ Those are gorgeous bags!! I would love both!! My husband would divorce me if I bought either!:love:
  14. I'm sorry that it's taken this long for your situation to be resolved! But, I'm glad that it's finally worked out.
  15. OMG I remember that! took THAT long to resolve? least it was in your favor.....You have 37 MJ bags?!?!?! I sure hope your affection returns!!! Thanx for letting us know BTW...!!!!