Remember Jennie Garth?

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  1. i like her.. miss her from the 90210 days..
  2. wow she looks gorgeous, although not a big fan of the dress.
  3. She has good skin. hehe
  4. Congrats to her! She looks so young still. Hasn't changed at all IMO!
  5. Congrats to her. While channel flipping one day, I came across the show she's in w/ Amanda Bynes (???) What I Like About You (I think). She was very cute in the show. She looks great. That makes 3 girls for her. How fun.
  6. Three kiddies are lots of fun!
  7. Her and her hubby (Peter Faccinelli) are definitely a beautiful couple. I bet the kids are gorgeous!
  8. Aww, I miss her from her 90210 days! She's still gorgeous as ever!
  9. I just watched a Danielle Steele movie with her in it. Star I believe was the title.
  10. I wish she had been able to go on the bigger things and not just TV movies. I liked her on 90210.
  11. I love Jennie. She is gorgeous.
  12. Second that L_Rod.

    Many people says that we are like twins, hm I don't know. :supacool:
  13. Everyday on the SOAP channel 90210 is on from 5-7. Its fun to watch!!! I loved that show!! (I tivo it!!) Congrats to her and her family. She seems to be a great mom and a nice person.
  14. she seems lovely!
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