Remember How I bought the speedy 25?

  1. Well I wore it around my house for a couple days and didn't like how it looked on me. So I thought I should go for the speedy 30. I head over to Lv and I try it on, looking in the mirror but the popincourt in the back was just calling to me. I tried hard thinking that the speedy would be a good investment for me right now and with all the hype on the forum I really wanted one.


    I ended up returning my speedy 25 to eluxury, not taking the speedy 30 from the LV store and purchasing the popincourt. I absolutely love it and I like the fact that not many people in MN have it as much as the speedy and I am willing to wait for the damier speedy to come out instead and get a monogram in the popincourt.

    I will post pics at the end of this week to share with you guys my joy! I did keep the koala wallet which I am currently using and love! It hold so many credit cards!
  2. Congrats!! Love that poppincourt!
  3. yeah totally do what you think is best!!! if your love is for the poppincourt - then go get it!!!! :smile: woo hoo, new bag!!!
  4. Congrats on your purchase ! I really like the popincourt, it's much less common than the speedy, it's too bad that didn't work out for you though !
  5. Congrats, enjoy it!!!
  6. YOu made the right choice since you weren't 100% happy w/ the Speedy. I keep going back and forth on the bag. It seems to call out to me b/c of it's classic design but yet I don't want to "blend in" either.

    AT least in MN, you'll stand out! :P
  7. i totally advocate you buying what suits you! congrats on ur poppincourt!
  8. Congratulations!!!
  9. Congrats!! It's a great choice and post your pictures up and let us see how great it looks on you.
  10. Congrats I wanna see!
  11. Congrats! Please post pics for us.
  12. Congratulations! I am glad you are enjoying it! :biggrin:
  13. I had the same dilemma in the store. The speedy is a classic but so it every LV piece. so I compromised and plan on getting the damier speedy! So either way it's a win win situation :lol:
  14. I know exactly how you feel. I ordered a Speedy 25 and thought it looked to small. Then I returned it and got a Speedy 30 and thought it looked too big. Now I've got a Batignolles Horizontal on its way due to the great reviews it's gotten here. I still think about the Speedy, but I'm still unsure on which size would be best for me.
  15. Glad you found something you like :smile: