Remember FREAKS & GEEKS? -- Were You a Fan?

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  1. If so, they're running a F&G marathon today on IFC.

    I loved this show!! A baby faced James Franco, an unknown Seth Rogen, Jason Segel. I loved Samm Levine - his voice never seemed to match his body or looks!!

    Who else was a fan of this show?
  2. i loved this show!!!!!! i was so sad it wasn't on very long :sad:
  3. Yes, this was a good show. Linda Cardellini was also on F&G and she played a nurse on "ER" for quite a while.
  4. I just noticed it's on a few more times this week -- mostly late at night (or overnight), but I'll probably set the DVR and watch them later
  5. they play it on ifc a lot

    its one of my all time fav shows. we even have the box set lol
  6. what channel is IFC?
  7. My friend made me watch it a few months ago! It was funny to see James, Seth, Jason etc. all together and looking so young. I like it but I've only seen a couple episodes.
  8. It really had the best cast. I miss it to, my husband was tivo'ing it.
  9. I think it may depend on where you're located and who your cable provider is, but here in Chicago (we have Comcast), it's channel 503

    If you wanna check it out, do a search for Freaks and Geeks and see if there's a listing for it and that should tell you what channel it's on
  10. I LOVE Freaks and Geeks! I remember watching it during my freashmen year of high school and totally relating to Lindsay Weir. And the best lines came out of Bill's mouth!
  11. Loved loved loved this show and I enjoyed watching the marathon on IFC yesterday.
  12. I think what I loved most about it was that everyone can identify with at least ONE character on this show. Who didn't feel awkward and out of place at some point during their HS days? Trying to fit in. You'd see a new hairstyle and want to copy it (how many tried the Farah Flip?:whiteflag: (closest smiley to a hand raise!!)) only to be ridiculed by SOMEONE. Try to wearing something new - even running with the "wrong" crowd and giving into peer pressure. It's something that everyone goes through at some point in time and why I think so many people loved this show and could relate to it. It's such a shame that it didn't do better in the ratings and was canceled after only one season.
  13. I loved this show~!