Remember Bettie Page?

  1. [​IMG]

    From L to R: Anna Nicole Smith, Bettie Page, Pamela Anderson
  2. She is being smooshed by their boobs. How long ago was that pic taken?
  3. Interesting, I thought she never showed herself because she wanted people to remember how she was.
  4. Archipegalo sent it to me. She got it from Bettie Page's official website.

    It has to be from a while ago, because Anna Nicole Smith and Pamela Anderson look so much younger.
  5. In the late summer of 1997, she emerged from exile.
  6. I love pin-up art. It's sexy but not smutty. A lot of them had this wide-eyed, "Oops. You caught me in my nightie" expression on their faces.

    It was sexy because they didn't show too much.

    And even if they were completely nude, it was subtle and not at all vulgar.

    To me, Playboy is a pin-up magazine. (Unlike Hustler, which is what I'd classified as porn.)

    Bettie Page was a REAL pin-up girl.
  7. Bettie Page is fascinating to me. She's lived a very interesting life.
  8. I love Bettie Page!!!:love:
  9. ^^That's what i thought as well
  10. It is definitely an interesting life she has lived! :yes:
  11. I just watched The Notorious Bettie Page and thought it was a great film. I always liked Bettie Page because she wasn't your typical Marilyn Monro-esque blonde pin-up; I even went through a phase in the late 90's when I had the same hair as her. Of course, only Bettie Page could pull off Bettie Page bangs--I just looked like an idiot. According to the film, Bettie posed for Playboy when she was 32, which makes her pin-up status even more amazing.

    The picture above looks like it is from the mid-to-late nineties, so Bettie is probably in her 80's. She definitely doesn't look like she did in her pin-up days, but she is still a cutie!
  12. cool!!!
    i just saw movie about her, and it's so interesting... she seems like such a sweet person :p
  13. Wow, people say I look like her and I am always so flattered! (Hopefully they mean her younger years. Ha ha!)
  14. wow thanks for posting this,i thought she dosent appear in public anymore aswell.I think she was very unique too i have to see that movie about her.