Remedy for arch/ball of foot pain?

  1. I have a new pair of heels that aren't appreciably higher than other shoes I own, yet they really hurt my feet. They are the proper size and they do not rub or pinch anywhere, but they really strain the ball of my foot/arch. I am not sure how to define it, as I commonly don't have this problem with shoes.

    Is there anything I can do to make them wearable? While they are not designer shoes, they are quite cute and I bought them at a great price and I'd like to be able to wear them. Thanks!
  2. You can get part way there even without insolias by simply persuading yourself to shift more of your weight onto your heels. Stand with your back near - not touching - the wall and lean back, consciously putting weight on your heels. Feel the difference? Now learn to do that without the wall - just shift some weight to your heels, but don't fall over backwards!
  3. Thank you! The reviews for those look fantastic. I will go get some tomorrow!
  4. graymnnce gave really good advice here. I couldnt have said it better! insolias definately help but having good posture with heels is essential.