Remedy for a rough day at work

  1. Go buy something from coach! :nuts:

    training week at work and i'm pooped and stressed out:crybaby:I'm going to buy something after work from coach in order to face the rest of the week.
    (1 day) this is my story and i'm sticking to it.

    Are you a coach impulse buyer? Lets see your impulse goodies.:yahoo:
  2. LOL... yes, I am an impulse buyer in general...

    I was having a slightly crappy day/week and stressed out because of interviewing OVER and OVER... so I went and bought these gems in the picture. (Along with an additional pair of shoes from Nordstroms, non-Coach, and a MJ bag from NM!!)

    I felt MUCH better afterwards!!! :graucho: And Hey, I even got a call when I got home from the mall to schedule an interview for a position that I was really interested in!! So really, it just kinda helped move my week along.
    coachshoes.jpg MJamanda2.jpg
  3. I'm cracking up as I'm reading this b/c I've acutally been sitting here all day trying to control myself from buying something tomorrow! I've had a rough week, so I keep thinking about treating myself, but I really should be cutting down on the spending! Of course, I don't need to have a bad day to impulse buy - take me to the outlets any time and 9 times out of 10, I'm coming home with something, whether I should be or not!

    bags4bubbles - I love your new stuff. That's actually the first MJ bag I've seen that I like! The mini is adorable and the shoes are HOT!
  4. what is your treat going to be??
  5. I think I'm going to order the heart ponytail scarf... I'm still debating.
  6. Bags4Bubbles, love that blue bag!
    I live close to the outlets. For awhile I was going every Friday, not always buying something but just knowing that I was going helped get me through the week. It's like being in a safe happy place after a hectic week.
  7. Def. an impulse buyer! But i have to keep a budget so I TRY to be careful spending.
  8. I was hoping that I was not alone. I was starting to beleive that I need help. (I do):shame: Anyway here's what made me feel better today (I'm living one day at a time:smile: )
  9. So cute! Great pick me ups!
  10. See my signature..... I'm trying to prevent those from becoming an impulse buy and I haven't even had a rough week! (if I say it's -5* here right now, does that count?)

    ETA: BB: cute pick me ups!
  11. The Coach outlet is between where I work and my home so I swing by there at least once a week ( I don't like my job much). I've found that it is the best way to find the best deals. In the last two weeks I've bought two hip bags, 2 skinny minis, a mink cell phone strap, and today, my best find of all the only patchwork print scarf (the SA was totally, totally bummed that I bought it--it was actually tied onto a bag and I took it off the bag and bought it). I also have a chocolate brown signature shoulder tote on hold. But not sure if I am going to get it because I try to limit my impulse shopping to accessories and other things that are good deals.

    I really need to find a job that I like!!!!
  12. Very cute!! I love those sparkly wristlets!

    And thank you, thank you - for the compliments about my goodies... I was excited. They make me :biggrin: !
  13. :roflmfao:

    I know exactly what you mean.

    I was planning on hitting the local outlet on Monday here (as I have it off for MLK and hubby has to work)...but the weather is supposed to be yucky - wintry mix/icy. :crybaby:

  14. Hey I have that one!! I think it's a liitle I bought mine a couple years ago when I bought the gold dusted-suede tortilla....Congrats!! :heart: Emmy
  15. Betty Boop - I have that wristlet in lilac! I love it in both colors - what a great pick me up for you - congrats!

    Alright, for those of you who live within minutes of an outlet -how do you resist? I live an hour away from one which keeps me somewhat under control, but even with that amount of driving, I have to fight the urge to go there. If I had to drive past one on my way to work like rileygirl, they'd probably have to start forwarding my mail there!

    Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), my daughter has a fever today, so my dreams of picking up something to treat myself with today have been dashed. BUT it's a long weekend and I'm off work on Monday as is my husband, so there's hope yet! Oh man, I need help - I'm going to go workout. I can't buy anything when I'm on a recumbant bike!