Remedies for oral thrush?

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  1. Hi! Does anyone know a cure (or home remedy) for oral thrush?

    I have been taking two inhalers for my asthma for about 2 weeks now and they have given me a yeast infection in the mouth.

    I am going to the doc in the morning, but wondered if any of you know something I can do at home in the meantime?

  2. You'll definitely need to get the anti-fungal meds from your doctor to get rid of it. I've heard salt-water gargling can help in the meantime.

    With your inhalers, make sure you rinse your mouth out (water is fine) after you use it. Mine fortunately tastes absolutely revolting, so it sort of reinforces that without me having to think about it, but my doctor keeps telling me to make sure to do it. It's more important with the steroid, not a big deal with the bronchodilator (assuming those are the two meds you're using.)
  3. how od u get oral thrush? or rather wat is it exactly
  4. Ugh! I hated having thrush. I got it after having my tongue pierced, from the cleaning process that went along with the piercing (constant mouth rinsing). Glad I got rid of that stupid tongue ring.

    I ended up having to visit the doctor, who prescriped a mouthwash that killed it. You rinse with it 2-3 times a day.

    There are home remedies, such as gargling with hydrogen peroxide (of course don't swallow it) that have been known to help. But thrush is persistent and difficult to get rid of. I'd visit the doc :smile: Good luck!
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    I am so tempted to tell you what you can do in the meantime until you get to a doctor but it sounds just awful..........but it works. Thrush is a yeast infection. The oral tissue is just like vaginal tissue and I hope you get the idea.....warm, dark, and moist....a very good medium for yeast to take over. Go to the drug store and buy some monistat cream and put it in your mouth. You won't like it, I guarantee, but monistat treats yeast really quickly. Then hurry and make your doctor's appointment. I know this sounds bizarre, but it will help in the meantime. Oh....and it is not cherry or mint flavored either, so be prepared for an awful taste. And...don't swallow!! But, who would??? This is only to be used in an emergency situation. If you can rinse with peroxide and be okay with that until your appointment, then do that.

    P.S. I just remembered another remedy that is probably better tasting and you can swallow it if you want......plain yogurt. Just coat your mouth with plain yogurt. That should temprarily neutralize some of your symptoms.
  6. yogurt is probably a good choice. My doctor prescribed flagyl for me. Horrible drug but try to take it if thats what you get. Thrush is very hard to get rid of.