Relsiting Question -Please help.


Oct 9, 2006
Never Never Land
Okay, so I'm a totally ebay newbie. I know nothing! lol.

I had an item listed. The auction ended. I received an email from a buyer asking me to relist again as buy it now. So.... how do i do this? I know there is a relist option in myebay, but how to I change the auction type to by it now??

One more dumb question. I will know the payment is received by looking under my account and seeing a balance there right??

Oh, and one more question. Will the buyers address appear some where once she has purchased it??

Thanks guys!


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Aug 7, 2007
When you go to relist you will have the option to edit the listing then, that is where you can add buy it now.
When you get paid depends on how you asked to get paid.
Once you have a winner Ebay will give you an option to invoice, I believe their address is on there. But you shouldn't send until you have received payment of course.


Apr 27, 2007
To change an auction to aa buy it now format, you have to choose fixed price listing instead of auction style listing. The fixed price listing gives you the option to buy now or take a best offer on the item. You'll know that payment has been received when there's a bold dollar sign underneath the item that you sold. And usually the name and address of the winner is given to you when Ebay sends you the email telling you that your item has been sold and at the checkout.
Hope this helps. And good luck selling!